Buy My Book!

It’s finally time, I have a book! It’s coming out this Wednesday, November 23rd (just in time for Thanksgiving!), it’s about werewolves and vampires and (mostly) a super-sad teenager, and you can find more info at!

This Hollow Body

On the eve before battle a young werewolf, Rowena, dreads the change of her shape. When Malak arrives, the two grasp for whatever small comfort they can find.

Fatal Frame 5 review on ANN.

Oh, what do you know? My review of Fatal Frame 5 (and its extremely booby shrine maidens??) is up! Full disclosure, I only spent 15+ hours playing/10+ hours writing about this game so I could necropost this thread and continue tracking my decade-long 180 on Fatal Frame 3, which has practically become my favorite in…
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