Ripped directly from the slain heart of Tiamat, culled from the roaring blaze of the Phoenix, split from Shiva’s all-seeing third eye, Dave and Joel are men both created and rejected by this world. Their hearts are pure, but their souls have seen the terror of a thousand worlds. Every week they unleash the torrent of pure emotion that is Fast Karate for the Gentlemen in the hopes of making the world a better place.

Also, they talk about videogames.

(image by MC Burnett)

(iTunes art by Dave Myers)

  • John Sadler

    I am a first time listener with show #459 and had to comment on an error I noticed that I am sure many other listeners noticed. While I am not one to ridicule others for their mistakes I feel I had to point it out as I did find it humorous – not blasphemous. One of you two gentleman mentioned Spider-Man (at about 29 minutes into the podcast when downloaded from iTunes) working at the Daily Planet. As I am sure that you have received numerous corrections on this point, I would like to point out that Peter Parker (Spider-Man) works for the Daily Bugle not the Daily Planet. Anyway, thanks for your time and keep the podcast going as I really did enjoy my first episode.

  • Jason Dosier

    I’m behind on the podcast curve, but baby Golgo 13 tee shirt…. make it happen! (but if I already missed it, make it happen again!)

  • Ziggurat8

    @ John Sadler NEEEEEEEERRRRRRRDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derrek

    Come on John, that’s splitting hairs

  • “A stupid podcast about cartoons and videogames” is their get out of jail free card.

  • dismukes, nicholas john

    baby bomb tee! my dude, baby bomb!

  • thank you for providing me with endless hours of laughter, in this modern day a laugh is hard to come by, and should be cherished above all else. I finally got around to rating/commenting your show on iTunes I thought I should both on account of it’s kind of a gift and the world might end, and I wanted you guys to know that you do great work.

    thank you again and Marry Christmas,
    Paul from Nebraska

    remember when you guys talked about blackjack and made that joke about him being like a ghost in Super Mario, I laughed till a cried.

  • Jeff

    Your a putz, John. Go get laid.

  • Jessica R.

    Thanks guys for putting out so many great shows. I am a new listener to the podcast, only been listening for a few months. I heard Dave on ATW9K and thought I’d check out the show. It helps me get through my work day. *And it’s great when the people at my office give me weird looks when I start randomly laughing out loud*. Thanks for that. As a dedicated anime fan and new gamer (and a lover of food), I have to say your show gives me my daily dose of all things geek. Keep up the good work!!!

    BTW…I just watched the video of Dave and Gratz playing Minecraft…friggin’ hilarious!!!!

  • Brian G.

    I’m sort of a on and off listener question guys what gaming systems do you guys own and what are some recommendations for video games to re-start playing again for a gamer who has not played much in the way of new systems since PS1 and PS2(some). Thanks for answering my 2 different questions.

  • blobotorian blob

    i just wanted to say that i can’t find the feed for this podcast.
    it is almost certain that i will find the feed, right after posting this.

    thanks for bringing some joy to the countless hours of commuting over the years.

  • bboy cardy

    Awesome podcast, I listen to you when I drive, I don’t crash.

  • ben

    Is this about games I’m too lazy to read the paragraph above.