Let’s remember the good times. Masago the Silk Spinner? We DIDN’T know it was him, and we all had a good laugh when he popped out of that chick’s head and blew up that other guy’s head. And who could forget baby Hanabi? His death was as his life: short and painful. Now you can commemorate his brave sacrifice… and look good doing it! Order your Hanabi T-Shirt today and be the best dressed kid at your local anime convention.

…….errrrrr, as long as you wear a 2 or 3XL t-shirt, because, unfortunately, that’s all we have left in stock, sorry! :(


How many times have we been at a punk rock show and said, “I’m drunk, I’m deaf, and I feel kind of sick. The only thing that would make this night better is if I could deface this bathroom with an ill advised sticker.” Well now you can! The first official Fast Karate sticker is a stately 5″ by 2.25″ and combines all the things you love about the stupid internet and stuff that adheres to other stuff. And it can be yours today for the low price of $1 (with discounts in bulk)! Now you can publicize your favorite podcast in punk rock bathrooms, on the sides of phone booths, and under counters at terrible ramen shops! Just don’t tell them I told you to, because my lawyer tells me I am obligated to tell you I did not!