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This show also known as: This Stupid Worker Shot His Cat Cannon At My Car

Clannad is just as terrible as any show like it. Joel didn’t mean to say he likes it, he just finds testicle jokes incredibly funny. I believe this may have clouded his judgment.

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This show is about:

People of less than average intelligence.

  • VZ

    If you want something of the crazy level that Angel Cop was, I suggest Guy Double Target (at the first ep). Also Legend of Lyon Flare. Battle CanCan is another terrible one that gets pretty violent (REALLY mean to it’s cast).

    You guys were talking about region’s on DVD’s. Did you know that CPM’s were all Region 0, which mean that people in Japan could probably watch them.

  • Sub

    A lot of people over in Japan really do buy R1 DVD releases, and Japanese companies are not pleased by this. An extreme example I was reading about was Mazinkaiser: the show came out one episode per disc for something insane like $50 retail. ADV put it out a few months later on two episodes (each with four episodes, as I recall) for the usual $30 each. Tons of people imported.

    Rather than simply acknowledging the fact that their business strategy was retarded, Bandai Visual entered the US market and tried to establish $25-per-episode and $100-for-a-movie prices. It, uh… didn’t exactly go over. And that’s why anime shows only come out on R1 DVD two years after their TV broadcast!

  • Sub


  • David

    Dagger of Kamui with English dub (I’ve checked it):

    Delete this post if you dislike torrent links like this.

  • David

    Retarded girls, character design and contrived sideplots aside, I liked Clannad. It looked good, it was kind of funny, but lemme tell you right now, for me it’s all about that main guy. The show is about him coping with abandonment issues (which is why he can’t handle his father, abuse is something the copywriters at ADV made up), how he’s changing and growing up to be a functioning member of society, and how life decides to throw shit in his face and kick him when he’s down. Not of the Fast Karate variety, but it’s a pretty nice “feel-bad” drama show with bits of comedy thrown in. Also supernatural bullshit, because the makers of Kanon just can’t go without that shit.

    Spoiler/fun fact: The retarded starfish girl is a rehash of the Uguu girl in Kanon: the ghost of a comatose patient. Which is an after-the-fact justification of them being retarded.

    Spoiler/fun fact: The highlight for the drama club is their putting on a play that basically amounts to the red haired girl standing alone on stage and crying. And they wonder why nobody wants to join?

  • VZ, why do you keep suggesting Guy: Double Target and Legend of Lyon Flare to everybody on the Internet? D&J don’t cover hentai titles on their show. Kathy would probably smother Joel with a pillow if she caught he watching something like Guy, and that’s assuming he didn’t bludgeon himself to death first.

  • VZ

    Because Guy and Lyon Flare are exceptional to most hentai. They both have high production values and an actual (albeit not deep by any means) plot.

  • What about Heat GUY J? Is that show any good? I remember watching one episode on the “Cartoon” Network years ago and thinking that it wasn’t a good show… maybe worthy of the Fast Karate treatment?

  • Perfect Wrath

    Cat cannon reminds me of the wolf cannon from the Vampire Hunter D episode. Or was it something else with vampires? I can’t remember.

  • VZ

    How about Apocalyse Zero? That has enough crazy stuff to keep D&J entertained.

  • The Joel

    We did a show on Apocalypse Zero. I can’t remember what it was called. I wish we hadn’t.

  • Tuskus

    If you guys need an anime to watch, you should check out the Highlander OVA. It’s dub-only and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, the guy who did Ninja Scroll.

  • Jeremiah

    Luckily, the retard starfish girl doesn’t end up in a wheelchair.

    She dies, right after the sister’s wedding, and all the other characters forget she existed.

    Mysteriously, she continues to turn up occasionally throughout the rest of the show.

    One thing I liked about CLANNAD: the Flawless Logic that is spoken by the blond sidekick guy.
    “The lunch made by the strongest girl…that would be the strongest lunch…”


  • Benjamin Bradly

    If you hated this show I’m sure you’ll love the fact that they made an OVA (at least I think that’s what it’s called) of it. Because god only knows why these guys think that they can be successful by making ANOTHER 30 minute chunk of pure crap.

    Also they made some random manga (shining memories i think) using two of the characters from this show, the main character and the overly strong female, in which they are officially a couple and living together. Then the guy gets some kind of head injury (I think it’s due to the constant beatings he gets from the girl) develops short term memory loss then promptly dies due to the surgery which cures his memory loss. Gotta say, he kind of deserved it.