Show #309: What If It Was A Tiger?


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Megazone 23: Part 2. Animated on six dollars and a whole lot of love (of doggystyle).

Music Selection: No, Zombie Chubby Checker!

A dangerous man, but not a robutt.

  • Jonasan

    Following up that earthquake report, I believe Cali experienced an earthquake around 6.8 on the Richdurrrrrrr scale.

  • It’s cool, it wasn’t that bad. And having lived in the NorCal Bay Area (and now in Los Angeles) I can say that I wish the weather was as temperate as you had imagined… but alas, it is not, and it’s freaking hot over here too!

  • Sugar-Chan

    I’m really not understanding what the problem was with that sex scene. I often simulate vehicle noises in order to get my man in the mood. I have mastered the elusive art of engine noises, from Suzuki to Harley. I also do a mean old timey bicycle horn, for those days when he wants to take a leisurely country ride.

    Also, Joel has been seriously on top of those funny voices. First ‘Apples are for pussies’, and then ‘I love to draw!’ I heart you Joel. Vroom, vroooooom!

  • Dave

    Looking at the Richter scale itself, I am now clearer on what I was trying to say. That is: the Richter scale being developed in California, doesn’t exactly match up perfectly with other parts of the world.

    Or something like that garbage.

  • EmirParkreiner

    ease my pain, ease my rooenryness

  • You know, Chubby Checker is still very much alive.

  • The Joel

    I had no idea Chubby Checker was still alive.

  • Dave

    Sure he is.

    Whatever you say.

  • corey

    I’ve lived in san diego for almost 8 years now and can remembering experiencing ONE earthquake and I mistook it for an arcade racing having installed analog rumble to give it a sense of realism.

  • The Joel

    I lived in Riverside, CA for 8 years and experienced 2 earthquakes. I remember trying to hold our cat in the doorway because it was safer there. The cat scratched me and hid under the bed.

  • Ian

    omg! I lived in Riverside, CA for 4 years (99-03) got a degree in Biology and gtfo.

  • Onomarchus

    No! You were supposed to be reviewing 24 not 23!

  • The Joel

    Patience. All things come to those who wait.

  • Abe Geist

    ha, I’m pretty sure my parents had Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” on a record… I remember listening to it as a young child 20 or so years ago…