Your Friends From The Internet #12: #MintyFresh

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It’s YFI! The only podcast on the internet that I’m currently rushing out to get done between work and a friend’s weekend-long wedding extravaganza.

But that’s neither here nor there!! Thanks so much to Evan (@vamptvo) for joining us, you can find much of his work on AniGamers and my sinceristy apologies for not editing down that Maison Ikokku blather into a tighter bit but like I said I am EXTREMELY HARRIED THERE’S SO MUCH LEFT TO BE DONE TONIGHT AND NOW A SWITCH IS HAVING POWER INPUT ISSUES AND CANT DECIDE BETWEEN 110V AND 220V OH MY GOD I’M GONN D

If you’d like to be on the next one, send your question to!

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This Week’s Major Skews:

Sweet Potatoes RULE!
This New “Facebook” Thing

See you next time, kids!


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    Hey, I’m the person who wrote in about keeping in touch with my college friends after graduating. Thanks for answering! I didn’t realize how long my email was by YFI standards until I had to listen to poor Dave read all of it out loud, so I appreciate you taking the time to cover it. I sent it in before Evan’s guest spot was announced, so I got more help than I was expecting! If heeding your advice results in any notable future success, I’ll be sure to send in a much shorter update. Thanks again

    • fastkarate

      o/ You got it! o/ Yeah, let us know how it works out! :D

  • There was a new Inuyasha, after they said “Hey fuck you, go read the manga!” It was called inuyasha: The Final Chapter. I guess it finished the story? I don’t know. I had enough of Inuyasha fighting Naraku, so I dropped off before the first anime ended.