Show #539: This Holy Water Is Kicking ASS

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This show also known as: Gary Busy as Man In Tasseled Jacket

You know what’s a good show? Vampire Hunter D.

(consider the 20+ minutes of boring (and hypocritical??) final fantasy 14 talk your penance for deep dives on vampire hunter d horse lore to come)

Music Selection: dont let em spook ya :o

This show is about:

  • Oh, I get it. This isn’t about Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D OR Castlevania! This is all the beginning of a stealth campaign for Dracula to become the next Doctor on Doctor Who. Of course you want to see castles in space. It’s all you’ve ever wanted.

    • fastkarate

      In another, better, dimension we got a 3rd Yoshiaki Kawajiri VHD movie and it’s actually just that. :(

      • Dracula unimpressed by humanity as he sails through space on his throne.