• Cody

    That doesn’t look like a philosoraptor to me. I’d expect more from fast karate.

  • Kidder

    Hey was there a podcast episode where you guys came up with the idea to create a service where you deliver kittens and when they grow up you replace them with new kittens?

    I ask because I just say a sketch video using that exact same idea.

  • A part of me was tempted to buy this when I saw it in the store the other day.

  • xan

    it was awesome to hear your opinion on this go nagai classic. truly ingenious

  • Go Nagai actually made Kekko Kamen as a prank on his editor. He put together the dumbest, most offensive thing he could think of with the idea that it would be rejected immediately. The joke was on him because his editor loved it and told him to make more.

    I’m not sure what the excuse is for all the other crazy shit he’s made.

    The kitten thing is actually from the latest episode of AWO. It’s possible that Dave and Joel said something similar though.

  • Kidder… that is/was a real service.

    Rather disappointed with Kekko Kamen… And the sad thing is, not only did I buy this twice (2-pack w/Cutey), I had to return it to the store because a disc was broken. Its definitely written on a hentai doujinshi level. (Look! Boobies! Slapstick! Fetishs!)

    Japan has this creepy Nazi fetish… the only time it was funny was in The Wallflower with Sunako. (And yes, I liked Wallflower).

  • Sugar-Chan


    I didn’t think to do a Cogswell rap…dammit…

  • But it can be so much worse! Imagine, if you will, not one, not two, but at least six Kekko Kamen live-action movies, all with horrible acting, awkwardly edited scenes (that stuff where the first and last couple seconds of each shot is someone obviously standing around dumbly waiting for their queue), and “fights” choreographed by nine-year-olds. Even all the boobs can’t make up for it. The ones from the 2000s are even worse than the ones from the 90s, mostly because they supplement all the existing badness with additional bad CGI.

    And if they’re so bad, why I have I seen so many of them? Because I am a Christ, fated to sacrifice myself on the cross of dumb, boring movies full of naked Japanese women. It is my burden and my curse.

  • tyree

    Katie Couric sounds like computer bitch from Portal. lolz


    Totally random but listening to this podcast makes me wonder what you guys look like. Dave sounds like the fat guy and Joel sounds skinny. I know this was discussed before.

  • David

    HIMURA: Joel was pictured on the latest thanksgiving podcast page: http://daveandjoel.com/?p=443
    Dave (with glasses) is pictured in the gallery linked on that page.

    (Footnote: I’m not Dave. Just sayin’.)

  • suto

    I saw Kekko Kamen at my grocery store (Giant Eagle). I was browsing cereal and it was on the other side of the isle. I was like, WTF.