Were finally doing it! Saturday June 17th at 4 PM E.T.

Ajay is back on stream and Your Friends from the Internet, aka bossdoors, aka YFI will be raising donations for BISR, aka The Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, aka @BklynInstitute because the work they do is more important than ever and, frankly, because we love them!

BISR is an interdisciplinary teaching and research institute that offers critical, community-based education in the humanities and social sciences. In case you were wondering, yes, they are named after the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, Germany. Ajay loooooooves Benjamin. And Adorno. But maybe Benjamin a tiny bit more? Who knows! Ask him on stream!

Walter Bufflamin, he lives in our hearts


Most importantly, BISR is actively pioneering a new model for scholarship in the twenty-first century that integrates a commitment to pedagogy, research,  and public programming. The BISR Community Initiative, funded by public grants and private donations, brings classes and workshops to underserved communities.

Come with questions big and small, and a mostly a thirst for watching us play games (sometimes badly). Please donate if you can!! Donations are used to fund scholarships, cover a portion of general operating costs, produce the Podcast for Social Research and other public programs including the BISR Community Initiative and BISR Praxis. Please help them build a more inclusive and accessible form of public intellectual life. Donations are fully tax-deductible, and they promise never to spend your hard-earned dollars on a climbing wall.

Donations will also be a huge help in sustaining the new BISR Network which expands the kind of critical pedagogy BISR is known for to places and communities across the Midwest where there are fewer spaces and opportunities to engage with formal scholarship and intellectual inquiry outside of universities. This program is shaped by the conviction that bringing people together, face-to-face, to engage in some of the thorniest questions of social life, is a powerful mode of intellectual and civic engagement and that everyone deserves the tools, the texts, and the space to participate in open critical inquiry.

At the moment, BISR Network is anchored by two regional centers, located in Cincinnati, OH and Detroit, MI, that offer courses in locations across Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.

BUFFALO REPORT: It is currently unconfirmed whether Walter Bufflamin will be in attendance but I’d say chances are pretty good.

Make sure to check out the work they do and if you live near NYC, NJ, or Philly you should def look into their summer courses and make sure to check out the BISR Network courses if you’re in Michigan, Kentucky, or Ohio!!