• Jon

    First comment, I win.

  • Alex

    2nd Comment. Fuck off jon.

  • Dave

    Do not start that first shit. I will bone your moms.

  • FuzzyJ_17

    He’ll do it anyway but if your a jerk it will be your fault.

  • Chris Mishima

    I think the reason you haven’t had very many entries to the contest is due to the contest itself. I was pretty excited when you guys mentioned you were having a new one, figured I’d partake this time but when it was announced I was pretty much like, “Oh well, maybe I’ll try the next one”.

    It’s been a few shows but I believe we’re supposed to do a Cogswell impression. Sadly most men just aren’t manly enough to make that voice. Perhaps you guys should add an addendum in which we can make a character who is in the Cogswell universe or perhaps change the contest all together and have people impersonate Jack Bauer & Tony Almeda having a conversation or something.

  • Once again, I gotta thank this podcast for introducing me to Z.O.E. 2. You mentioned talk of a sequel, is that for real, or just speculation? It would sure be nice to see a good sequel of a good game on a next gen system… well for one I can’t wait for whatever Team Ico’s got in store for their new game. Also, did you guys ever talk about the ZOE anime? Is that worth checking out?

  • Ken

    All of your damn podcast links are broken except the most recent ones. All the older ones (like in Jan 08) are just broken, as well as the pre-31 links.

  • Sugar-Chan

    When I heard the ‘Apples are for pussies’ bit, I could not stop laughing. I’m sorry, that was awesome.

  • Dave

    I know the podcasts are broken. You’re posting in a recent episode. Do you LISTEN to recent episodes? Because it’s been brought about forty times in the past couple of weeks.

    As for ZOE2, at the time of recording this podcast there was no hope. But now Kojima’s apparently thinking it over. That would be sweet. They want you to e-mail them and talk about how much you want to play ZOE3. Link here: http://www.konami.jp/gs/kojima_pro/english/ipmgs4_mail.html

  • Oh snap! Thanks Dave!

  • Jon


    Also, does anyone know what made the links get all borked?

  • Scott

    You did, Jon.


  • Dave

    OH MY GOD.

  • Where’s your email address so I can enter this compitition?

  • Sugar-Chan

    Dude, they say it every episode. If people actually LISTENED to the episode, as oppossed to the parts they just wanted to hear, then maybe the world would be a shiny, shiny place.

    Next person who asks about broken links is gon’ get shot. Hate hate hate, hate hate, hate hate hate.

  • Sugar-Chan

    P.S. In regards to Regis’s comment up there, the contest was make a Cogswell rant. You didn’t even have to write it, or record it, you could find a rant that was Cogswell-ish on some forum, or in someone’s blog comments and send it in.

    As soon as I heard about the contest I was super pumped, and I got my entry in under what I thought was the wire, but since it looks like the dates gonna get pushed back, I wish I had worked on it more…

  • Alex

    Jon seriously, next time listen to the podcast.
    Or I’ll rape your ass this friday

  • The Joel

    Sugar, you can submit another entry if you want. We don’t really have rules. Submitting too many would, of course, piss us off and cause you to lose.

  • Dave

    Like we’ve said, the rules are there are no rules. As long as it’s tenuously connected to the theme (and even then, that’s only SORT OF a requirement) then it’s all cool, man. Submit as many times as you want, but understand that our moods are as capricious as our rules. Submit too many times and draw our ire. Conversely, we might not like you if you submit TOO FEW entries.

    OH MY.

    Also, the first test of the contest is to find the e-mail yourself.

    Also, the second test of the contest is to mail me a crate of ice cream sandwiches.

  • Sugar-Chan

    The third test is to find an address with which to mail Dave ice cream sandwiches…

    Come on Google maps…

  • Thanks for the clear up Dave.

  • Onomarchus

    Is Cogswell Pepperbox original to FKG? For some reason I thought he was an R5 Central character, then a Best Movie Ever character. Can you point us to any of the episodes featuring him? And do we have to imitate the character in full, or can we just do the voice?