Your Friends From The Internet #008: #SociallyComplete


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This Week’s Major Skews:
Get a Meat Thermometer
Tweeter Panic!
Jobs vs. Vocation

See you next time, kids!

  • James Morrall

    It’s interesting, while I have Social Anxiety Disorder and Depression, I prefer when there are some other people around, whether or not they’re interacting with me directly, whereas, if I’m understanding/remembering correctly, Dave DOESN’T have either of those things. Life is strange, huh?

  • James Morrall

    Thank you for answering my question! I am already a half-decent self-taught drawer(artist?) via art books, so more self-teaching IS feasible, at least for the drawing. I may need classes for the writing, it’s harder to say, as I really only have a bunch of outlines for stories, right now, whereas I’ve kept, essentially, everything I’ve ever drawn since I was 15(15 years now). I’ve actually already come to a decision, sorry, but I feel like that’s reasonable since I wrote the question 5 and a half months ago. It actually is close to what Graz said about learning a Trade, although I might join the military(leaning towards Navy), so that I can get paid and learn at the same time, then after I fulfill my required service, come home and look for a better job, learning/practicing my creative skills on the side. The creative skills on the side part will be true if I STAY in the military too. Also, I’m Canadian, so it’s the Canadian Armed Forces I’d be joining, in case you wanted to know. Also, our economy is doing better than yours, so Trades are still doing well.

  • James Morrall

    I also DETEST the way society seems to value work life over personal/family life, even to the point of derision and disdain for those who DO care about the latter. I myself, think that family/friends are FAR more important.

  • LJ

    I’ll play overwatch with you! Add me at: egakar444#1240

    • fastkarate

      Won’t be around to play for a while still, but Graz added you!