• FuzzyJ_17

    “Super secret patriotism” needs to be used more in everyday speech.

  • Perfect Wrath

    Jack Bauer could use that technique to defeat cancer.

  • johhny jaco

    You guts talk about 24 waay to much,it really sucks.

  • This podcast clearly shows there’s nothing funnier than hearing Joel make fun of the Japanese Capcom team for the very racist portrayal of Indians with Dhalsim, in Joel’s very stereotypically racist accent of Japanese people. Also, I was totally with you Dave when Joel mentioned “Listen to my heart” and Roxette came to mind right before you said it. Awesome!

  • Dave

    The beautiful thing about not liking the 24 talk is that your iPod HAS A STOP BUTTON.

  • Alex

    I love the 24 Episodes.
    Make more

  • Dave, Joel: are you guys on Twitter? And is there a #fastkarate hashtag yet? :)
    Fellow fans and twitter(ers) (yes I feel dumb typing twitterer)

    Love the 24 episodes. As I said before I only started watching the crap show to lol @ the Fast Karate analysis of the episodes.
    Want to sound tough? Whisper! It works for Tony! :) .. not so much for me. (my gf isn’t amused) :(

  • WTF is Twitter, mate.

  • Kidder

    Hey… What the hell?

  • 24 is starting to sound more and more like weapons grade sci-fi.


    What moste people don’t know about 24 is the subtle dichotomy that… Wait they have stop buttons?

  • I just got done listening to every fast karate show in a row. I work as supervisor in a factory. By the end, people wouldn’t even look up when I burst out laughing. I have yet to find anything else that measures up to what you guys do. Nice. I used to read novels before I found you guys. Keep it up.