Revengecast S02E22 – Truth (part 2)


Listen Up!

Can I kick it?

For the sake of brevity, I’m going to assume you replied “yes, you can!”

Because it’s Revengecast season 2 episode 22: Truth (part 2), the long-awaited Season Finalé, and we’ve got less than no time to waste!

Events Are Happening! Such as: Jack putting a heartbreaking end to all of his friendships–fast or otherwise–and smashing his cellphone ‘neath his hoary old boot to assume the mantle of Stealth Jack in order to infiltrate the highest & deepest echelons of the Conrad Grayson Gubernatorial Security Apparatus. Why? Because that asshole tried to kill him! Or wait, right now we think it’s Ashley what did that, but (bearing in mind the title of this episode), I have a feeling that lie won’t linger longly. Especially not after Ashley points out a Logical Fallacy in Jack’s Emotiona-Driven Emoji Argument via the unremitting iron gavel of the Jashley Investigations Charter. Looks like there’s no room to “Jash” It Out on this one, Jack-o!

Emily is freaking out! Danny is freaking out (and punching people!) Aiden is on a somewhat uncharacteristically even keel, but don’t worry about it because Nolan is picking up the slack by writhing on his fainting couch, sobbing hot tears of worry and clinging to his body pillow (an I, My, Me Strawberry Eggs dakimakura, natch) while the world turns to shit around him. Victoria’s freaking out! Conrad’s freaking out about Victoria’s freak out (while standing gubernatorially on top of a car in the middle of Neo-Ground Zero) and, finally, finally, finally the true TRUTH of the Initiative is revealed in a  way which might surprise you.

(if you haven’t been paying attention)

Briefly, we devote some thought to Why Did We Have To Leave England WHERE WE AT LEAST WE HAD SOME G-D WINDOWS??

But enough about that!! The catastrophic moments that change everyones lives aren’t about to let up, no matter how much Conrad won’t shut up about the chopter, and so, neither can we!

As the winding and weaving events of this season draw a bead on the climax quick as a lazy-eyed sniper, Maple, the golden retriever with a heart of gold (and a nose to match!) briefly ignores her whelming love of beavers, badgers, and all other aquatic mammals and/or rodents to foil Aiden’s escape plans at the Canadian border (HI!), Declan, eddied about by the aftershocks of a desk that kinda fell on him, reassures Chocolate that they will definitely be the Best Teen Moms Ever while secretly planning a long convalescence in the Grey Havens (the dust got him all sniffly!), Stealth Jack dons his greatest disguise yet (y’know, of the two featured in this episode) and struggles to overcome his (possible) Manchurian Candidate conditioning, Victoria receives a strange and [expected] unexpected Thing on her Doorstep, Nolan’s heart is shattered into a million-billion pieces as he finds himself posthumously betrayed by the only woman he ever loved, Conrad just grins a lot (jerk!), and Emily finally lays her bare soul as things ultimately come to an ultimate head in what we can definitely declare is definitely a season finale of a second season of a TV show called Revenge!


Topics for Consideration:

Illegal Greenland Anime Server/Bug-Out Bag
You Can Reach Me Through My Nolan
Slim Phillip: The Terror of Midtown
Retcon(rad grayon)s
Neil deGrasse Tyson — The Martyr We Created, The Hero We Deserve
Ashley: Cyberpunk CEO to the Stars.

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