Show #531: Stay Back! You Could Be A Beautiful Woman!

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This show also known as: I Thought CARL was Fast, But…

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Oh boy oh boy oh boy, it’s time again for the semi-seasonal (give or take!) Podcast What Where We Talk About JoJos. But if you want your tasty Stand-sourced soft-boiled eggs, first you’re gonna have to choke down your asparagus wrapped in dictionary pages, which in this case is 16~20 minutes of us whining about How Loot Games Suck Butts.

But after that it’s 100% all pure Jojos with absolutely no interruptions or digressions ever, so strap yourself in! Between the littlest fist bump of all time, Araki sitting in a tree like a Tiger Beat splash page, speculation on the veracity of Lucille Ball’s Teeth, Dude, did you have sex with your puppet stand, and Tamami/Grizzled Mobster Koichi teaming up for the ultimate supernatural long-con, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!!

Music Selection: Damn you, Fallout; I don’t care anymore, I just want you to tell me the truth.

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Almost as good as him kicking back in a tree I guess (or better??)


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