Morning Brew 003: Sherlock Holmes and the Muddled Memory

Woah, buddy! Just because we all-but slept through the first case of Sherlock Holmes and the Devil’s Daughter doesn’t mean we can’t  half-assedly recap it for your listening pleasure!

Thrill to the sound of us struggling to remember the simplest details, chill to the painful strife of 19th century child labor (cor blimey!!!!), and think, quite sternly, on what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would do in this situation.

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  • James Morrall

    John Hamm and Jude Law?

    • dave

      As is usually the case with our podcasts, I guess we didn’t explain our in-jokes. In an effort to secure a broader audience, I guess, the character models for Holmes and Watson in this game morphed into almost perfect simulacra of Jon Hamm and Jude Law! (jury’s still out on whether or not it actually worked)

  • James Morrall

    Veruca Salt is also a band.