Revengecast S02E20 – Engagement


Listen Up!

This episode is the best guys, bringing us the potent, truest form of Revenge melodrama. Like the MAIN conflict is about Emily wanting to move to Paris with Victoria’s son. The woman would be willing to kill over this. They use the super dangerous drama music and everything. YOURE MOVING OUT ?!?!?!?! MURDER!!!!! Also prominently featured are (what i assume  to be) Austen levels of politeness that cunningly transform into sick burns. Powers we clearly don’t have, because we don’t waste a single second on whether or not Love Actually sucks (it does) and whether or not Soul Reaver not only rocks butts but also deserves to be plot-recapped for like ten minutes in a two-hour podcast that is basically just a plot recap in the first place (it does!!)

Delving deep into the mind’s eye of our hearts, we cast Victoria in her Most Challenging Role yet, The Empathetist (join the conversation at #TRUTCHYOURGUT), and seeking hidden wisdom lost across the many folds of time and space, we divine Victoria’s 4 pillars of nen superpower:


…which spells EMSM…which as we can all plainly see is basically just EMILY. Truly they are locked in providential battle, one fated since the forging of the earth. Also fated by that time Emily saw Victoria kissing her dad. To be fair Victoria did scowl at her. And then ruined her life. So yes basically yes, providence and doom and all that. Dave correctly intuits that Victoria experiences sex like an Asari matriarch, possibly the kind that have sex so good that it kills you? Then theres all the shit Aiden is doing while he is Going Rogue, its a lot but lets just say it involves mall katanas. Finally, Dave is pretty sure Victoria has played Valkyrie Profile and I mean it is a really good game and Victoria does have unimpeachable taste but I’m not convinced shes gotten around to it yet.

Topics for Consideration:

Who Sits Upon The Bucket Throne?
Hedgefund Detention
S. Empatha Merkerson
Going Rogue
Jackie Pork Poodie Pie

Target Status: