Show #529: Renowned Billionaire Philanthropist And Muscle Man

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This show also known as: They Call These The “Angel’s Share.”

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In this slow-paced Fast Karate, we take the return from our (fairly common) month+ hiatus at a leisurely lope, only discussing JoJo’s Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable as it suits us, and peppering the conversation with musings about flags with dragons on them, the fear of skeet shooting (and I should’ve known better to come at Joel when 00s rap is on the line), and, finally, the ongoing Steam Anime Sale, where you could buy Momodora why not, it’s pretty good! Somewhere around there we do get an inclination of (possibly still alive) Joseph Joestar’s sweaty, glistening muscles, sweep ourselves up in the legalistic furor of Bad and/or Worse Company, but mostly I’m consumed by THE MYSTERY OF THE EGG, which remains potent inside me till this very day (which is really only one day after we recorded the podcast).

Anyway I guess the audio’s bound to sound weird but I did the best I can, given Audition crashed halfway through and I had a minor heart attack when the project loaded with all blank files. No worries! Just slap some half-assed compression and noise reduction on it, delete a quarter of the mouse clicks and keyboard clacking, and call it a day. It’s the Fast Karate Seal of Quality!

Music Selection: Martika will only let her constant JoJos snubbing stand for so long; she has some amount of self-respect, however small.

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  • Max

    I actually thought Fairy Fencer F was pretty good, but you probably wouldn’t like it. Also every good VN ever put on steam is on sale, but also all the terrible ones. Re: Jojo- Jotaro talks about “once someone’s dead, you can’t bring them back with any stand” Really Jotaro? What do you call it when you brought Joseph back to life? And Koichi’s stand is named “Echoes”, but they renamed it to “Reverb” so literally nothing is safe from renames.

    • fastkarate

      Haha, yeah. When it gets down to straight-up just words, you’re like “okay you guys are doing it just on purpose to mess with me now.”