Show #303: This Is So Gay


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This show also known as: Ass peanuts in your face.

In addition to 24, Jerry was in town. It was a good time. But always remember:

The “stinger” for this episode is like sixteen minutes long. Consider yourself warned. Stop that shit, if necessary. No one will blame you.

Music Selection: This.

The eternal battle, we got a new one.

  • Ah 24, you so crazy.

    Next week, Kim Bauer should be kidnapped by Puma(tm) and forced to hawk shoes and ‘athletic wear’. Or at least find herself in a mall and thrown through a plate glass window into a Puma(tm) display.

    I’m sad to say, Chobits was written by women. Its one of the weakest and most pandering series CLAMP made. They should stick to catering towards the BL crowd.

    And someone should splice the stinger over an episode of a hentai like La Blue Girl… or a 5xspeed run of Wicked City…

  • Dave

    Boy’s Love, retarded robot slave girls. Honestly, I’m not really seeing a difference in morality. Shit’s just pandering either way.

  • xblackmacgyver

    that stinger was hilarious. and i hope your tendons get better

  • Tim

    CLAMP does Girl’s love stuff as often if not moreso than they do Boy’s love crap. CCS and the voyeur lezzie cousin, for example. And the somewhat creepy mother of said cousin who had a similar crush on main character’s mom.

    They are, in short, giant perverts. Chobits probably came about when one of them talking about getting turned on and they talked about it being literal.

  • Sugar-Chan

    I have a soft spot in my heart for Chobits, as I believe it was the 2nd anime I ever watched, knowing it was anime. I would’ve taken any piece of crap at that point, and been all ‘This is awesome!’. I liked it in the beginning, when the message seemed like it was going to be ‘You should not want to have sex with robots, because that is bad and you are a bad person’, but when the show and manga became pro-robot sex, I was finished. The only thing I can say is at least the main female lead doesn’t have retardedly huge breasts…there is a character that does, but it ain’t Chi.

    Also, I LOVED the stinger. Mainly cuz it reminded me of the days I would sit in with my friend Mikey and his people as they played Soul Caliber. I’m definitely a video game voyeur. I like to watch better then I like to play. Mainly because I’m terrible at anything but rhythm games.

  • G√ľnter

    Larry’s death was the most pointless smothering ever. That terrorist had a shotgun!

  • The Joel

    I love it that Tony apologizes. What are you apologizing for? The fact that you’ve betrayed him or the fact that you’re denying him a quick death?

  • Tommy d

    If your going to air drop berserker jack he needs to be riding a geneticly altered cat (maybe a mountain lion). That’s right, Jack Bauer is. . . . HE-MAN. Maybe i need to lay off the payote?

  • Jonasan

    How about we force a naked Jack Bauer onto Hideo Kojima, or at least threaten him with the mass of America to make Zone of the Enders 3?

  • Upon first hearing the stinger, the only thing that I could think of was

  • Heinrich von Kleist

    the 20+ minute epic match of Dave vs Jerry was surprisingly hilarious..kudos for including it!