Revengecast S02E16 – Illusions


Listen Up!

Eli the foster brother is in town, and since Amanda is dead Emily nominates him for Wildcard 2.0 because we need another crazy foster kid raised in horrible homes to mix stuff up in the Hamptons! Eli marches up to Grayson Manor and introduces himself to Victoria who is pleased with his fake job: rare books. Padma is in seclusion and maybe still in the show(??), Declan and Charlotta are going back to Hogwarts and Jack is being preyed on by Jack Lemon from Glenn Gary Glenn Ross. YOU WERE MY BEST LEAD, yes i realize trying to sell life insurance to the guy trying and failing to collect on his wife’s life insurance policy is maybe a long shot but i need that watch, or whatever. The whole episode is doing this extended secrets are FIRE metaphor, and boy does goth baby-manda like secrets because she is setting fire to every trashcan she sees. Good thing the rich have fireplaces, or the beach house would be a goner what with those gauzy curtains billowing every which way. Meanwhile, Victoria and Conrad are working behind the scenes to make sure they don’t get stuck having to pick a last-minute patsy like the last time The Initiative blew up a thing, so this time they’re picking their patsy in advance. AIDEN, YOU GOT THE JOB!!


Topics for Consideration:

Goth Babymanda, pyromancer and half orphan
Black flag/square tattoos
On iridescent wings, he alighted upon my dock to deposit your wounded form
No Individual Marthas!
Eli and Victoria, Real ARCH FRIENDS of the Hamptons: Coming Soon On Bravo
Jack or JERK
Faith in institutions at an all-time low in Westeros

Target Status: