Your Friends from the Internet 002: #DontRuinTheD


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We’re trying something new! Join us, your friends from the internet, in a questioncast! If you’d like to be on the next one, send your question to! If you’d like there to actually be a next one, share this around so more people will listen to it and we’ll actually get questions!

This Week’s Categories:
Media, Field of View(?), Criticism, Writing
Dating and Porn(!!)
Whistling Dixie??

See you next time, kids!

  • James Morrall

    Just sent a question, hope you read it. Good luck with the show.

    • graziella

      Thanks!! We will

  • James Morrall

    Some people just find alcohol revolting. That’s my reason for not drinking. I have no problem going to a bar or being around those who drink, though.

    • I just don’t like the taste of it, so I never got into it. Also, I can get fat all on my own. Don’t need beer to expand my belly.

  • Galaxy Santa III

    What’s the song because I really like it

    • fastkarate

      Not sure which one you mean, so I’ll answer both! The opener’s an instrumental version of Spanish Bombs by The Clash. The closer is This Island by Le Tigre.