Show #302: Oh, My Ankle! (And My Pride!)


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This show also known as: NOW I’M JEALOUS.

What the fuck is this shit.

Music Selection: I’m so glad my ex-girlfriend discovered Gwen Stefani had a solo career. That was an excellent six months of my life.

It wasn’t the McHuevo, my bad. It was the EL MACO

  • Posting from my phone to say that although I hit Stop once the 24 talk started on account that I plan to watch it all in a Bauerthon, I enjoyed this because Dave said he liked Baccano! AND Michiko and Hatchin, aka those two shows I watched and liked but nobody I know wants to watch them per my recommendation.

    Good to know that at least one person listened. It soothes my spirits which were diminished due to losing several hundred BP in SF IV on account of my attempt to use people other than Sagat. Oh El Fuerte, how I want to love you. Too bad you are so incredibly hard to use and you take extra damage.

  • jostain

    Is there any news on when the fanservice server will be fixed?
    you mentioned elfen lied in the show and i really want to hear that review because I really hated the thing and all my friends liked it…

  • One intrepid listener made a torrent of the first thirty episodes, which should have the Elfen Lied one in it. It is here:

    As for the rest of them… uhhhhh, don’t know. At least until the end of the month.

  • VZ

    What’s the matter. You don’t have an imouto fetish?

  • DannyRand

    My fetish is that fine mustache that mexican fellow is sporting.

  • Chad from Dover

    That ad is just… so racist.

  • Uggh… even worse, I watched part of the second season which thankfully was never licensed… it only degrades further and you start longing for a sniper rifle and the address of the creators.

    In the vein of terrible harem shows with one-note characters, try Shippo no Tenshi or Angel Tails… which not only got two seasons, spawned BL spin-offs of the ‘villains’ of the first season.

  • xblackmacgyver

    it would appear that people actually do like this show as a.) this show was a game first, and b.) people actually took the time to list the ways that each girl addresses the brother in japanese and mandrain. so truly, japan must be destroyed.

  • Sugar-Chan

    Shitty Sister Princess aside, I was surprised to hear some contemporary music played on the podcast. Clearly it was a comment on how bad the song was, and how horrible Akon is, but it was played nontheless.

    I actually liked Gwen Stefani’s first solo album, and I even loved that ‘Harajuku Girls’ song. This was in the very beginning of my Japanophelia, so anything anyone threw at me, I was eating with a spoon. Took me a minute to realize that some white chick walking around with 4 stereotypical Japanese girls was pretty durn racist. Not as racist as say, the El Maco, but kinda pretty really bad.

  • Dave

    I think the who Harajuku girls thing is proof that Gwen Stefani is literally fucking crazy, like, a real live crazy person. She must have truly excellent handlers.

    Graz bought a sweater she really liked awhile back. I immediately said “Isn’t that Gwen Stefani’s clothing line?” I don’t think that sweater’s been worn since.

  • Tommy d

    I’m not going to lie to ya, the mexican on that post looks like my uncle Rafael’s best friend. Look i’m half mexican and i’ve met mexicans that look like that, it’s a stereotype for a reason.

  • VZ

    Watch Akikan or Rosario to Vampire if you want a “So bad but so funny” harem.

  • Sugar-Chan

    Hey Tommy, I’m also half-Mexican, and just cuz I get hit on every other day by guys that look like that doesn’t make that burger any less racist.

    Gwen Stefani’s bat shit nuts, but the main problem that I have is that the clothes are cute…and the perfume bottles are absolutely adorable…perfumes not so bad, either.

  • I have to say, most celebrities with some couture product line have simply hooked up with a design firm and slapped their face & name on a product or have a simple yes/no veto before it goes into production.

    Unless someone goes off into the fashionista deep-end and has more couture items than the average male has pairs of pants, a handful of designer items isn’t a sin. Particularly not in NYC.

  • I’m still laughing at the penius joke

  • David

    Here in Sweden, our cultural impression of Mexico and Mexicans basically come from American western movies and comics. The “lazy hispanic immigrant worker” thing wouldn’t do in a commercial since that image isn’t rooted here, that one we pretty much only see in American TV shows that joke about it.