Show #527: Bury Me With My Reeses Pieces

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This show also known as: He Has Manga, Perfidious Japanese Cartoons!


After a solid twelve minutes of your favorite Fast Karate Classics (food talk, IT misdeed, incriminating stories of reading manga on public transit), we finally get down to the heart of the matter and discuss the space ship boardgame-videogame of slim margins and marginally effective crew members, Tharsis, for a shocking amount of actual real-life time without going on a tangent! As we clear through that, board game mentions of Space Alert and Arkham Horror, Gigantic Nintendo Miis, and some other dumb stuff, we wind things down with a gentle return to our flame, our espirit, our muse: jokes about Edgar from 24.

Housekeeping: We haven’t gotten around to questioncast yet (break was busy, and now Graz is sick!) but the upside is: if you’re still looking to get in, you got time! Send your questions to and we’ll see about recording that pilot episode sometime… at some point… maybe! Feel free to send in whatever you like, and cite if you want to be anonymous or not, I guess!

Audio Quality Status: Sorry my steam heater kicks on somewhere in the beginning and I don’t notice to turn it off for a few minutes. :(

Music Selection: Let This Song Be Testament To My Failure.

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What do you mean you took the elevator on turn three, explain yourself Commander Geordi???

  • Max

    Man, I am so glad I ended up in Scotland. I got out of University less than a year ago and I’m in zero debt. Also, re: IT job chat, I am completely unfamiliar with this idea of “not my job”. The only times I ever tell someone that is if I literally cannot do it or if it’s like talking to a customer when I am not a PR-y person. Otherwise I just do everything.

  • winterSnowCloud

    Very glad to not be in IT anymore, I only really wanted to be the helpdesk [fixing computers] type of job…. This…does not pay very well…
    Unfortunately, I am now back at college to get a better degree but fortunately the degree is to be a Medical Laboratory Scientist which does pay fairly well with a 4yr degree.

  • winterSnowCloud

    You might say, a computer/medical scientist that watches anime?
    Yes…Yes… you have to be this smart to ride [makes hand gesture of lifting hand way up high]…

  • fastkarate

    Don’t worry, I am eternally jealous of many other countries’ ability to send their youth to college through proper taxing/social programs. Unfortunately, that ship sailed in the US a long time–it was the 70s, and the vessel was named the USS Ronald Reagan.

    (not to be confused with the actual USS Ronald Reagan)

    • James Morrall

      You poor, poor bastards.

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