Resident Evil Zero Review


Oh, it’s my Resident Evil Zero review on ANN!

~enjoy this weird review of a weird game~

I’m not gonna waste your time with the “how come Becky turned into an ultra-wimp in RE1 after she mowed down 500 zombies in RE0?” But I *wiil* waste your time with “how come Becky doesn’t get any rad powers in Wesker mode even though she has red eyes and one of those Jill Valentine space bugs on her chest?”

Resident Evil 0_20160115191948

I guess her overwhelming waifishness was to strong for even retroviral manipulation to overcome. 😱

Typing that out just made me want to drag Graz into the Resident Evil DLC where you play as Josh&Jill and do 2x Knee Drops for dayssssssssssss.