Show #526: Is This A Talisman Or A Curse?

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This show also known as: “Lame Blackjack”


Jumping right in, because there’s no time to waste on this anime show that has precious little time in general (and wastes it anyway!), it’s Kagewani, the insufficient Paranormal Creatures successor to Yamishibai‘s Goofy-Ass Ghost Stories About Haunted Printers. As we get deep into the weeds about what does/does not work in a seven-minute anime, not a single ONE of my references to Fatal Frame 3 stick (I should’ve explained the tattoo better!) and our moseying takes us through the glades of Cowboy Bebop, where Joel pines for a simpler time and I reference that joke in the Boogie Woogie Feng Shui dub that’s been weirding me out for approximately fifteen years. Later, I get my jabs in on Attack on Titan and subsequently try (and fail) to explain why I keep reading Claymore (and somehow liking it, is the worst part???) and we round the final corner on the track asking, politely, that you never remind us about those SPOOKY KOREAN ANIMATED GHOST STORIES. It’s a Fast Karate miracle, part of the Ultra Super Anime Time block!

Welcome to 2016, kids!



Housekeeping: We haven’t gotten around to questioncast yet (break was busy, and now Graz is sick!) but the upside is: if you’re still looking to get in, you got time! Send your questions to and we’ll see about recording that pilot episode sometime… at some point… maybe! Feel free to send in whatever you like, and cite if you want to be anonymous or not, I guess!

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I can only but accept my situation, and try to be happy for it.

  • winterSnowCloud

    Oh, I recently caught up. I heard all probably 600 or so episodes (since episode 499 had like 40 parts).

    Yeah, I kind of want to read the Claymore manga… One day… I saw the anime ages ago.
    Something about a bunch of weird swords and reattaching limbs just makes a series seem good…

    • Claymore is definitely no Berserk, but what I read of it was OK. The anime was just as OK.

      • fastkarate

        Yeah, it is definitely as “OK” as anime gets. It’s pretty much unremarkable, but once I got through the first volume or so, it achieved this weird vibe that just kept me reading it for a difficult to define reason.

        It ain’t no Berserk, that’s for sure, but the utilitarian response to limb removal/reattachment is a serious thing it’s got going for it.

  • Cowboy Bebop didn’t transform anime because Japan didn’t really give a fuck about it. It just transformed Americans, and we don’t have a real effect on what direction anime is going in. Speaking of Bebop, why don’t y’all review Terror in Resonance. I’d like to see how you feel about Watanabe in the present.

    Sekko Boys is good for about 2 episodes, Joel, because I estimate that’s how long until they recycle the same one joke they have. I gave up after the first episode when I felt that it wasn’t going anywhere.

    For me, the best shows this season Are Erased, Tabimachi Liveshow (short anime), Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, and Haruchika. This is a very weak season. I’m disappointed that Dimension W is not as Cowboy Bebop-y as I wanted it to be. Fetishized android psuedololi; yep, you just read that.

    House of Five Leaves is VERY dry. It’s more lively than Mushishi, but it’s not a totally sleepy show. Man, that was back when noitaminA was more about anime that appealed more to me. It still does, but not as often.

    I think Perfect Insider was a noitaminA show, wasn’t it? I wont lie: I liked it a more than Dave, but the solution to the mystery was extremely weak. I thought that it would be the computer AI who would be the killer, but it was so simple.

    • GVmanX

      Japan liked it well enough; the whole “Japan hates Cowboy Beboopadoop” thing is a bit of a myth. It won the Seiun Award, and Spike and Faye came out towards the top of some character polls in Newtype the year it aired. When the recent BD set was released in Japan, it was a best-seller on Amazon.

      The Japanese liked it and moved on. Unfortunately, what they moved on to isn’t exactly the greatest thing. I keep hoping for an eventual collapse of the current moe-focused industry, but it keeps on trucking along, apparently. At least manga has variety.

      • I didn’t say they hated it. (Who calls it Beboopadoop? I guess Betty Boop does.) They just didn’t jump out of their seats for it like America did.

        • GVmanX

          I guess I tend to interpret “didn’t give a fuck” as being more negative. And while I would like to think that there are other who have called it Cowboy Beboopadoop before me, I could very well be the only one.

          • It is negative, but not the same as hate. Of course, Cowboy Bebop didn’t debut in Japan without acclaim, but it stuck with America way longer than it did with Japanese fandom, while Japan moved on.

  • Oh, here’s a picture to sum up most of the current anime season.

    • fastkarate

      Why would you show me that. :|