Revengecast S02E11 – SABOTAGE


Listen Up!

Poor pouty aiden!!! So pouty! So aiden! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO KEEP KISSING DANNY EMILY? You’re supposed to give me ALL the kisses, and Danny NO kisses, thats what boyfriends are! While Aiden is sabotaging Emily’s tolerance for him, Victoria is having covert meetings with Emily in her solarium and saying things like SABOTAGE and C’EST LE GUERRE. Someone is dead in a balaclava. Connie is still wearing shorts but now he’s smoking cubans and sparring over who is or is not the most emasculated with his ULTIMATE RIVAL Jason Prosser – Other Finance Guy. We mention 15 tv shows in a 1 minute period by accident, and Victoria is eyerolling Conrad’s posturing man-shorted ass all around the manor while she tries to actually take care of her sabotage. Dave does a Baby Conrad impersonation, and ponders whether elephants can actually appreciate a peanut. Also he loses his mind over those couple of lines from A Mighty Wind. I get pretty sleepy and dave looks at pictures of bears for like 5 minutes. I didn’t cut it out, you’re welcome. 

Topics for Consideration:

Nolcorp’s cutting edge R+D – Clams who watch each other
Marco memorizes the digicarot dance in a misguidedly dated plot to win back Nolan
Doug public defender and fishmonger
Fauxmanda’s Vegas Magic Act
Pertly Suspicious Face
Making that Balaclava look GOOD
Stop flirting with me I’m eating larvae
5 (6?) words nobody wants to hear: Meanwhile Back at the Stow Away
Queen Latifah Set it Off Again
Queen Latifah Set it Off One More Time

Target Status:


  • Eventually, we will learn that Graz doesn’t like any of the things she said she liked, because she only liked them because other people liked them at the time.