Show #301: Ice Cream Friday


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This show also known as: Oh President’s Daughter, You Are So Good At Having Sex With Me.

Secret of Mana, good game. 24, makes less sense than ever before, maybe.

Music Selection: Good game. Good song. Used it before. Don’t care.

The anti-Kim.

  • Sugar-Chan

    When I came onto the site to download the latest podcast on Monday, I got that error,and I thought it was my job blocking this site from me, because I had been on it too much. At one of my previous jobs, I essentially got fired because I refused to accept the fact that they would not allow me to download podcasts, mainly this one. So I spent half the day going back and forth with the IT people, trying to get them to understand that I meant no harm in downloading the podcasts, and could they un-block it, please? After the longest time, they told me they weren’t actually doing anything to the site. I waited a day and came back to the here, finding everything to be as it should…

    You have NO idea how scared I was that this site got blocked, and that I was going to get fired because I listened to podcasts again! Whoever crashed the site is a douche! I’m just sayin’…

  • Frenchman

    Losing your job to potential get SF4 is pretty good deal.

    Yeah I got that error sign, but it isn’t the first time the site’s had it so I just came back the next day and the site was back up.

  • I dunno, every once in awhile iTunes or the podcast host resets one of the rss-feeds and that marks all episodes as new, which means my comp dloads them all. Geeknights did that this weekend… all 500-odd episodes.

  • Sugar-Chan

    Clearly I’m not the most technologically advanced individual in the world. I think listening to podcasts is about the only thing I know how to do. I usually try to yell at the computer to turn it on, before someone helps me find which button to push…

    I saw that error and panicked…what can I say?

  • Frenchman

    Nah, it’s totally understandable. The first time I saw it I was like “NOOO, DAAAAAVE/JOOOOOELLLL”. But since its my homepage, a few hours later I was like “oh, it’s back, that’s cool”, as I got out of my corner and cleaned up my puddle of tears.

  • Cody

    Whenever there’s an error in the feed my instant thought is, “OH NOES!!! The apocalypse has started!” I then start looking for jeeps without gasoline and hoping for some kind of laser cannon or super powers to develop. I may be overly optimistic about my chances in the post-apocalypse.

  • Eoghan

    I think I may have to apologise.

    You see, sometime between shows 297 and 298, I ran out of new podcasts on my iPod. So I started relistening to some of the old Fast Karate podcasts through the website, though I’ve listened to them all already. While I was listening I started thinking, “These are great. I bet if I had them all on my iPod, it wouldn’t matter if I had new podcasts or not because I’d always have something entertaining to listen to”.
    So I selected “get all” in iTunes.

    I didn’t notice the site was down myself, so I don’t know exactly when it happened. But if the cause was a mass download through iTunes, sometime between the 26th and 29th March, then I can only hope that Dave and Joel can find it deep within their twisted, robot hearts to forgive this puny mortal, and will refrain from releasing the most dangerous and fast karate upon my ass. As penance, I am willing to promise both Dave and Joel that if I am ever on the US east coast, I will inform them of my presence, and I will make them one cheesecake each, with their choice of flavouring.

    Again, Dave and Joel, I sincerely apologise for causing inconvenience for you and your listeners, and for causing your webhosting service to verbally abuse you over IM.

    I am sorry.

  • xblackmacgyver

    i was luckily in a place with no internets and only a psp full of dave and joel to tide me over, so i didnt have to experience this trauma.