Show #525: The Jig Is Up, Boris!

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This show also known as: Cor Blimey, It’s Nappish Tim! (don’t let him droive!)


After a mere six minute discursion about children’s cereal and the quality thereof, we’re right in the mix on Darkest Dungeon, A Good Videogame You Should Play, and your twitter questions, which involve Why is The Descent such a disappointment? Why is Psychonauts probably not going to be that great? Why do Swedes like Lingonberries so much? How much of SOMA can I talk around without spoiling it (there are still spoilers!), I didn’t know you liked to get wet, and more!

Final note: you asked for Dave & Graz Nerd Advice, you’re gonna get it (maybe!) As I said in the podcast, if you wanna make it happen, send your questions to and we’ll see about recording a pilot episode somewhere during the Christmas break, probably. Feel free to send in whatever you like, and cite if you want to be anonymous or not, I guess!

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Back when Yakuza was a simpler game. :(