Revengecast S02E10 – Power


Listen Up!

Happy thanksgiving people! We do a lengthly thanksgiving roundup, discuss lasagna, and cry for a while about the nightmare food we encountered in VA. NIGHTMARE FOOOOOD. Why can’t people just make food that has flavor. WHY. We attempt to work out the logistics of making flavorless gravy with little success, and yet we are faced with the reality of its existence. One of life’s darker Mysteries. Meanwhile in the Land of Revanche Emily is breaking out a red sharpie for an old timey actual revenge Revenge. This time the target is Judge Barnes, up for nomination to the supreme court because he did such a good job during the ultra-sensationalized David Clark trial. That’s how this Supreme Court shit works, just ask Chief Justice Ito. So there’s a lot of ins and outs but also there’s Balcony Alliances in the works where Victoria un-bans Emily from the Manor and, to prove just how un-banned she is, invites her to lemonade up on the balcony. Yes that balcony, the official Sadness Balcony what where Victoria goes to regret the past while looking stunning against the ocean… and also stare at Emily’s porch. In summation, we talk about how fucked up it was that Stephanie March married Bobby Flay. Also this is real, and from a real magazine: enjoy!!

Topics for Consideration:

Emergency MSG Googravy Umami Pouches
Multi-Purpose Battle Hoodies
Molar talking
Victoria(n) emoji
Ashley “who the fuck is that anyway” Davenport, star of Ashley where is my Ashley? The New Hot Children’s Book From Simon & Schuster’s “My Dad Owns The Company” Imprint.
Collar Forensics
Spaces Between Us

Target Status:


  • Your Thanksgiving could’ve been whiter, think about how dull the first Thanksgiving was. British cooking? The food was all fresh, though.