Revengecast S02E09 – Revelations

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Listen Up!

So we get pretty excited about the fancy shotgun, green fields, and pretty tent party that the episode starts with. Victoria slowly takes an ornate shotgun out of an ornate shotgun box and starts hitting clay frisbees like someone who grew up hunting pheasant in Oxfordshire not chasing pigeons on the upper east side. We try to lay out exactly what we mean when we talk about collar watch, and there are so many collars to watch! Victoria is wearing a crazy lace collar thing, everyone is wearing weird vests, and this is an official DPPP episode! Lets take this time to thank Nolan for descending to our dirty plane of existence to give us a glimpse of the sublime. The reason for the shooting party is Victoria and Conrad are trying to save their precious baby potato boy from taking over Grayson Global and thus falling into the clutches of the initiative. Enter Sandoval, a Spaniard (or possibly Braziliard) and Influential Investor. Anyway everyone tries to manipulate everyone else and Emily and Aiden come out on top in the end. The main tool is a video of Ashley and Conrad having creepily enthusiastic sex, which gets sent to Victoria to weaken her allegiance with Conrad, but which Victoria manages to turn to her advantage by forcing Ashley to have sex with Salvador. Whats a little soul crushing sex with Salvador in the long run Ashley? Its not like Danny will realize his mother blackmailed you to have sex with this dude and then counter blackmail the dude into voting for him by taking a picture of the two of you and then DUMP YOU ANYWAY. Danny wouldn’t do that, who would do that??????

Topics for Consideration:

Loosely Organized Crime
Baby Bjorns For The Tiny CFO On The Go
Sex Having Wantings
God Will Provide (More Potato Skins)
Changing the name to Grayson Global Global – Danny’s first act as CEO
(Wet) Money Ball
My Queen Victoria – the ultimate object of desire and revenge

Target Status:


  • I love iZombie. I swear I will read the book one day (It’s different than the show) but I like it even though they tagged on the procedural aspect.

    They tack procedural elements on a lot of stuff. Fucking Lucifer, about the damn ruler of Hell, got a procedural element stuck on it.

    At least iZombie has all its silly puns and quirky supporting cast.