Revengecast S02E08 – Legacy


Listen Up!

Hi everyone! It’s another Flashback Episode with guest SomeVito! Just a heads up: we have our 24 Hour Charity Stream for Planned Parenthood coming up on Nov. 7th (this Saturday!) You can find the donation page here and, of course, the stream channel is here. So be sure to stop by and say hi and donate if you can! 

It’s Victoria’s turn for revenge in this episode and warning – its pretty rough or at least the catalyst for the revenge is pretty rough, the revenge itself isn’t so over the top, really its just a very candid dinner conversation. See, it’s Thanksgiving and Victoria decides to have story time about the last Thanksgiving she had with Mother Harper. Victoria has a Mother and Victoria has been planning her Mother’s demise since the last time they talked, which was apparently 40 years ago when Mother threw Victoria out of the house for getting molested by Mother’s boyfriend. Yup, I told you it was rough. So anyway Victoria springs her revenge trap which ends with her mother out on the street and penniless in a fur coat. Shit was pretty hard for everyone in 2006 not just for shitty mother Harper. Danny was being used as an unwitting pawn by the women in his life, Charlotte was barely acknowledged, Jack’s dad was alive, and a mean drunk AND a mean sober, and Ashley was in the process of getting trafficked by the mob. Emily meets Aiden in the Brighton Beach/Moscow club where Ashley will presently be trafficked, but luckily Emily saves them both. Takeda takes on a new pupil and has to open a remedial class in his Revenge School just for Aiden. Declan is also barely acknowledged.

Topics for Consideration:

Nolcorp Zaibatsu’s Hot New Product
Ronald Takeda’s Evening Wear & Glamor Guidelines
The Caaaandy of Rich Men
Bad guy and Not Criminal guy
Putting the Shrine Maiden in Her Reliquary
Eotena Onslaught, by Nolan “Uzumaki Naruto-dono” Ross

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  • Max

    You are a liar, Graz. Speaking as a man who has worn both kilts and straight up skits, they are not as comfortable as trousers. Also, part way through the episode everything gets super speed up for a little while.

    • fastkarate

      I’ve got no comment on skirts or kilts, but I fixed the audio issues a couple days back. Sorry! D:

    • graziella

      But in the summer they are so comfortable! How can you say trousers are more comfortable than skirts does it never get hot where you live?? IF SO CAN I GO THERE PLEASE?

      • Max

        I mean, I live in Scotland (hence the kilt) so it doesn’t get very hot, no. Also you don’t need pockets in a kilt, that’s what the sporran is for.

        • graziella

          Yeah i figured Scotland, I’ve been there, its awesome! Its on the list of Cool (as in cold but also cool as in cool) Places to Move. Some other contenders: an Alp (any will do), Iceland, Sweden, or really anywhere in Norlandia. I want to go somewhere where it doesnt go above 65 like ever