Show #524: Fart Friends Forever

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This show also known as: Ice Cream Is Playing The Long Game.

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Come one, come all, to the great, big finale of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, where we chat about Dio throwing a bunch of not-so-sharp knives at a bunch of not-so-sharp guys, that new ice cream sensation that’s sweeping the nation, Tin Roof Sundae, the terrifying idea of somewhat-sexually-aware babies and Death XIII vs. a Pomeranian, rampaging bears, early 20th century literature, and possibly a man who walks around on three giant log legs which are actually dicks (?????) All this an more on the great, big, grand finale of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders!

I mention something about something I read on the internet about who the protagonist of JoJo’s Part 4 at the end so if the mere premise of things causes you to break out in spoiler hives, turn it off or skip that part (at your peril, ‘coz there’s a good Blade/Wesley Snipes moment that comes accordant)

But first, have you heard of

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This time on “Female Shonen Anime Character or Horrific Zombie Monster…?”