Show #523: That Gun’s Gone To Your Head, Man.

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This show also known as: Gotta Wash It Down With Some Cheets.

Wouldn’t be no Tenth Anniversary Show if we didn’t completely ignore our stated topic (DaiMajuu Gekitou Hagane???) to talk about the liberal arts, books, Metal Gear Solid V (spoilers?? i don’t know??), Hunter x Hunter, and the terrible secret behind Nacho Cheese-Blasted Doritos (or are they??) and Mountain Dew: Code MK Ultra (or is them??) Thanks so much to everyone who called in, especially The Real Greg Guffanti!!!! I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave anyone’s messages out but feel free to hate me for the rest of my life if I did, I deserve it (and send me a message so I know to reedit the show and stick it in! (but I think I did it right this time!! (A WEAPON TO SURPASS AZUMANGA DAIOH???)))

Audio Quality Status: What did I JUST SAY about the 10th Anniversary Show.

Music Selection: This is some guy like Ichiro Mizuki or Hironobu Kageyama, but in my heart I hope it’s the dude who sang HEY MR. DANDY; he has the same inflection (by which I mean he sounds like he is in dire need of some ExLax).

This show is about:

It might not be 2 late 4 u; save urself

  • Kamon

    Really Joel? “Herooka?” How long have you been watching anime again? :P

    I’ve been listening since 2006, and you guys are great. Here’s to another 10!

  • James Morrall

    A lot of things aren’t natural, doesn’t mean, remotely, that they are bad, or unhealthy, or whatever.

    • fastkarate


      • James Morrall

        Yes it does, yes it doesn’t?

        • fastkarate

          Yes, of course “natural” is a buzzword that doesn’t really mean anything BUT I am a little surprised you thought a bit where we talked about the government harvesting mutated nacho cheese from dead bodies warranted a corrective comment.

          • James Morrall

            Well not that specifically.

  • GVmanX

    Thanks for such a fun podcast, guys. I disagree with y’all half the time and I don’t think you’ve influenced my opinions on much anything (I still like Elfen Lied, though that’s the manga version). Unlike what the rest of the internet thinks, however, having opinions different from my own doesn’t make y’all terrible in the slightest. You guys are one of the best podcasts in existence period, and have provided me with countless hours of free entertainment while I drive, work out, play Dark Souls, or just sit on my ass. I’ve only been listening since 2013, but y’all are easily one of my favorites; I’ve nearly listened to every episode there is, and I can’t say how glad I am I ignored all those disclaimers about ignoring those older eps. I hope to see thirty more years of quality podcasting, even if y’all gotta start doing it quarterly in big-ass three-hour episodes.


    GVmanX AKA JC (@gvmansuperx) on Twitter

    PS: Y’all need to finish Baki, and maybe even do the manga, too. There’s some dudes in it that know karate and they’re pretty fast; it’s perfect for you guys.