Show #300: 75 Tea Kettles?!


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This show also known as: I Never Wanted To See A Baby Get Kicked So Bad In All My Life.

Ultimate Teacher shames us by being actually okay. The Substitute, however, kind of sucked.

Music Selection: Michelle Pffeiefiffer [sic] was HARD.

The official cheesekak of Fast Karate.

  • Congrats on show #300! And on that note, you guys also make good podcasts of the shows you like, so please do more of these. They’re fun too.

  • I’d say congratulations on show #300 as well, but this is show #299… unless Dave would like to tell us what happened to #247?

  • Cody

    Spider butts?! this made me laugh nearly as hard as hanabi.

  • Wait, this was a animated film. WTF Japan?

  • You’re welcome.

    Though you left out the gang of bald men in panties pelvic thrusting at the gang leader girl. In the dub they yelled “schwing schwing!”

  • Sugar-Chan

    I can’t hear ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ without thinking of ‘Amish Paradise’…and sadly the latter was a better song…

  • Onomarchus

    The contest should be to come up with the best idea for a contest.

  • Rygaron

    My karate had felt slow all day, and was traced back to the site fighting a great war against the hosting overlords. Glad to see it’s back up and my intense training regiment can proceed yet again.

  • Ryuu

    Parasite Eve 3 for PSP :D not a console but still better then a cell phone

  • Cody

    I didn’t realize how long it would take when I decided to listen to all of Fast Karate a couple of months ago. I just listened to 16 episodes in a row and it’s tiring. I think I’m making it a life goal to finish it all.

  • deletor007


    Hey guys, We need your help to get us back on! comcast is still holding out on season two and we need your help. Write to comcast and let them know that anime tv must return. With enough buzz we shall return soon. Thanks, and we hope to see you soon!! ANIME TV GO!

    Oh, and by the way joel rocks…and your pretty alright too dave

  • Dave

    Thanks for using our comments to pimp your shit, dick. I could delete your comment, but I’d rather leave it there so you look like an asshole.

  • Nick

    You’re just mad because he said you’re only alright.

  • But, Dave, without Anime TV, how will I know that Anime Is…

    Straight From Japan?
    Not Kids Stuff?
    On Right Now?

  • Tommy d

    it’s not that hard to knock someone out with a soda can if its unopened, or if it’s been filled with water and frozen in the freezer for a week, I’m just saying

  • The Joel

    Have you even seen The Substitute? The can is most certainly empty.

  • Tommy d

    It has been awhile since i watched this but maybe that kids head was just allergic to cans. It could happen.

  • Cheribum wang? Did you have to go there?