Valiant Denim Episode 2: A Man’s Heart Struggles Against Its Icy Fastness. Crush! Old Friends?!

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Remember how long it took me to edit the last one of these? Oh you don’t? Because that was back in 2007?? Well don’t worry, because this one is longer! And it took a really long time and I’m tired and there’s probably a whole bunch of errors I made on this thing but I am personally vested in getting this thing out before midnight and it’s 11:52 right now and I still haven’t made the links to thank people.

So thank you to our voice actors! Clarissa, Daryl, and Gerald of Anime World Order, Erin and Noah of what used to be Ninja Consultants, Ed Chavez, Heidi Kemps of, Spankminister of the Virginia Spankministers, Paul Chapman of The Greatest Movie Ever, Evan Minto, who I think invented Crunchyroll and some other website(?), and Harrison Chute of the Battle Beyond Planet X podcast. My only regret is my mortal fingers, which can hardly bear to type the words and edit the audio that makes this possible for as many of our friends and listeners as it is. Our community is small, but great, and I wish I could fit you all into Valiant Denim! Well, here’s to next time**

Audio Quality Status: Oh forget it, you know what show this is. It’s been a decade!


**that will never ever happen until I suddenly get rich for no reason