Show #522: Warren, They Stole My Name!

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This show also known as: Speedwagon EXISTS.


Hot off the requests of a certain scientific Nick, here’s the next installment in our near-complete saga of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (part 2 of part 3). We’re quickly closing in on the finish line, but before we do, we have to clear a few of these scrubs out of the way! But first let’s make sure we get good and sidetracked our new quiz show format: which epic figure’s semen was frozen in an elephant tusk by a manga artist? The answer… might [not] surprise you.

Audio Quality Status: Aside from the 2 minutes of noise reduction for the part at the beginning where I had the air conditioner on, I’d rate this episode as “almost okay!”

Music Selection: ~East-End Kakyoins & West-End JoJos~

This show is about:

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You knew him as “Busted Vegeta;” we knew him as “friend.”

  • bobob101

    As for the note about semen and elephant tusks, it of course has to be Gilgamesh. Thank you Kazuo Koike and thank you AWO!

  • Max

    In the OVA, that bit with time stop and Dio switching someone into the coffin happened with Abdol instead of Nukusaku, and Vanilla blows through the coffin and erases Abdol’s body.

  • Vanilla Ice is now not only a contractor but also a thief.

  • How have we gone this far into JoJos and you two have not played the new JoJos fighting game AND reviewed the anime in the same episode?

    Speaking of Gilgamesh, there is also a Gilgamesh anime. I think the show was one of those that was so boring that I forget if I even watched the whole thing. Keep it in mind for your next review!

    • The Joel

      Isn’t the latest Jojo’s fighting game just a bunch characters with cloned moves?

      • Some motherfuckers is on horses, so…no?

        You also have different fighting styles, like Hamon and Stand.

        • fastkarate

          Isn’t the latest JoJo’s fighting game…

          • It’s the only JoJo’s game I have played in full.