Bloodborne Dinnercast


Hi everyone who likes Dinnercasts! The Bloodborne Dinnercast we’ve all been waiting for has finally hatched after being in the incubator for 5 months! Many thanks to those who submitted questions and patiently waited for us to finally release this, so go ahead and listen to it, please! Sorry for the delay and we love you! (*´ ˘ `*).。oO ( ♡ )

For those who don’t know what Dinnercasts are, its when we go out to a restaurant that we hope won’t be too noisy and record a conversation over dinner about a game or TV show that we just can’t stop talking about. Background noise in this one is tolerable (again, based on Dinnercast expectations) but gets a bit loud at the end (and the very beginning!)


For anyone keeping track/curious this was at Henry Public, the same place we did the True Detective S01 Dinnercast. We got pulled turkey sandwiches. Again. They were delicious.

(thanks to Wayne for the art)

  • James Morrall

    Who drew the picture? It’s good.

  • AkiraShima15

    It’s too bad Joel doesn’t have a PS4 so he can enjoy the awesomeness that is Bloodborne. Personally I’d rank it as every bit as good as any Souls game. In fact it’s a lot more creative in certain aspects. I think Lovecraft would be proud to see what he’s inspired. Incidentally I think you could argue that Silent Hill and perhaps, to a lesser degree, Resident Evil, both owe a lot to Lovecraft. He really set the tone for truly monstrous horror. Not necessarily gory, but his horror was much more “inhuman” than anything that came before.

    So how about that Dark Souls 3? Feeling Soulsed out yet, or are you guys ready for more? Personally I’m more than ready. Dark Souls 2 wasn’t a bad game by any stretch, but I don’t think it was really a Souls game in the truest sense. Someone else said it felt like the Super Mario Bros 2 of the series, and I endorse that view. It was the “off” title. I’m ready for the Super Mario 3 to arrive. If that analogy holds true, we might be in for something really special.

    • fastkarate

      No doubt! Souls games are coming out at a weirdly fast clip; I imported Demon’s Souls and was like “they’ll never bring this over here, I can barely stand playing it.” So it’s pretty crazy to think we’re getting basically one a year and there’s already like five of them. Because they take so much effort and attention and are games you really have to sink your teeth into and can’t just play on a lark (at least your first time through), I imagine that’s going to start wearing on me at some point. I liked Dark Souls 2 a lot, but yeah it did feel like it wasn’t as rigidly guided as Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls. It was really slapdash. I liked that for some reasons (a billion weapons and a trillion movesets!) but it did hurt one of the best things Souls games got going for them: they’re much more cohesive and intricate that most other games coming out these days.

      Something similar HAS happened to me with Etrian Odyssey. For that series, which is one of my favorite contemporary jawns, once a year (or faster!) ended up being a little too much. I haven’t picked up Untold 2 even though it’s been out for a couple weeks–being so busy and not trying super hard to get a review copy may’ve factored into it, but also it’s a remake, not a new game, so that might be part of why I’m not in such a rush.

      • AkiraShima15

        I never got into Etrian Odyssey, as in I never played it. I’ve heard good things though! One thing I’m really looking forward to is Fallout 4. The environment looks great, a lot more attractive than the other games. Of course it’ll be very hard to live up to New Vegas. That was a timeless classic. There’s just something iconic about the narrative and the tropes they reference. I’d love to join Caesar’s Legion again in Fallout 4. They’re terrible people, but way cooler than NCR. Also, they have a guy called Vulpes Inculta, which is just way too badass to resist.

      • Technically, they’re coming out fast. It will be 2 years between Souls 2 and 3, and Bloodborne is between that. Souls isn’t annualizing like a modern (post-modern?) warfare shooter, at least.

  • AbominaBill

    Great cast! Made me want to start another playthrough but I think I’ll wait for the DLC. Either of you do any arcane builds? I had a lot of fun with mine, but magic overall was a bit of a letdown.

    The magician analogy for what makes Miyazaki’s stuff great really hit home. Made me think of Star Wars, where you’ve got these three great movies in which they hint at this cool larger world, droppin’ terms like Clone Wars like everybody knows what they’re talkin’ about. But as soon as Lucas went out and defined every last thing and it turned into a boring, bloated mess. Not every thread needs to be attached to a sweater, as long as I feel like I’ve got plenty to tug on.

    Hope that lore cast happens, but no pressure, just do your thing. I think that tumblr question was mine but I forgot what I asked.

    • fastkarate

      Don’t worry, *I* remember… :D