Revengecast S02E02 – RESURRECTION


Listen Up!

REJOICE FOR SHE IS RISEN! Victoria is back and issuing orders to Conrad just like old times. This is another long one, tangents on tangents. Tangents having tangent babies that then have even more tangent babies–when will it stop? Never, if we have anything to say about it (and we do!) Speaking of babies Danny is trying to figure out whats going on in the Grayson Global books, but Conrad told Ashley to just gave him a copy of Clifford the Big Red Dog so Danny isn’t making as much progress as he expected, he always had trouble with Clifford (look, I don’t want to deny the fundamental premise of the story, but it’s just creepy; does he really have to be so big?) Victoria gets Conrad to beat her up so she can come back to the Manor and just like that the Graysons are back together again! Per usual, Danny is the last person on earth to learn the Truth–that Victoria’s explosive, mid federal-witness flight death was just a ruse. Danny is pretty upset; this is the tooth fairy incident all over again (Danny got his wisdom teeth out last year, it was a rough time for the little guy.) Emily is sick of lending out three of her guest bedrooms to an inconsiderate roomie who’d rather consummate All Day Brunch with a girl, a real girl, a 3D girl(!) than take his shift at the Clam Cam station, and so she takes it out on Amanda by telling her the paternity test said Jack wasn’t the father of the (alien?) elephant fetus thats been growing for 16 months in her womb, and, frankly, of all the people that dramatically close the Toughbook in this episode Nolan was the worst at it, so no big loss there. Enjoy feeding cereal to your Ryan Gosling hug pillow on the streets, which are your new home, nerd.

ADVISORY: There comes a time in every podcast’s life journey where you have to say “fuck it, we did the best we could” and put it out, loudly clipping laughter and all. We recorded this in our mostly empty apartment so the audio quality is pretty awful because it’s all like ~echo echo echo~ We plan on making a podcast cave in the new house and to try to learn how to make this stuff sound better. Sorry for your earballs :(

Topics for Consideration:

Dave Riley and the Intimate Storrrrrrmmmmm
What To Expect When You’re Expecting An Ultra-Pregnancy
Mother and Daughter Alone at Last: The Time Victoria Almost Ran Away With Me, The Journey of Veronica and Samantha Clarke That Almost Was, a Chorlotta Grayson Story.
Sexual Boob Planet
World First Moggle Mog EX (no thanks to you, Nolan).
the original potato idiot fuck face jeremy renner (fuckass)
2D Superiority: The Padma Hypothesis
Minions: What Are They, Why Are They So Ugly?

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  • If I were to get my fanboy feelings hurt over all the opinions stated in nearly every tangent you go on, I would have stopped listening to this by episode 2. In this episode of the podcast alone I would’ve had tableflip moments.

    One moment: ketchup I put ketchup on more things than I should legally be able to. Seriously, cops should throw me in the clink for some of my ketchup pairings.

    • graziella

      Awww I’m a hate-filled jerk, I gotta let it out, so thanks for not stopping at episode 2! But also stop putting ketchup on stuff what is wrong with you

      • My malfunction is that I’m too awesome and enjoy blenderized not-actually-a-vegetable vegetables on my hot dog. If ketchup’s for kids, then why isn’t the packaging designed for kids? Tell me that, Jim Florentine!