ANNCast – Crass Materia-lism

I apologize for the quality of my voice on this episode of ANNCast. I guess SUPER AWESOME SKYPE decided to prioritze my laptop’s internal mic over my actual mic LIKE IT ALWAYS DOES so I you figure I’d just LEARN TO CHECK EVERY TIME BY NOW. Good thing I was scrupulously muting my not actually recording mic every time I wasn’t talking so I could run the air conditioner. I thought I was being good and giving Zac a nice, clean track! But I guess I just suck like usual~


  • James Morrall

    I’ll never understand the obsession with FF7. It’s an overhyped, clunky, mediocre game, that survives solely because of nostalgia and name recognition. If they want to remake a Final Fantasy game, they should remake VI or X, they are far better and more deserving.

    • It survives because a lot of people loved it, and still do. It introduced a hell of a lot of people to RPGs. That’s why it got a remake. I also think that people have played the game again since then. It’s not pure nostalgia without ever playing the game again.

      Not like every other damn Final Fantasy but 1 hasn’t been remade or up-rezzed.

      I hear the same damn negative stuff about X that you’re saying about VII. Don’t care, I like them both, and I’ve seen, in detail, the complaints about both.

    • AkiraShima15

      I should probably check out FFVI, if there’s any way to do that now, I keep hearing good things about it. Personally I don’t actually have a huge nostalgia rush for VII, but I was really impressed by the music and atmosphere. The best combat system in an FF game is, funnily enough, FFX-2 in my opinion, so if they could combine that with the grandeur of VII, you won’t hear any complaints from me.

      And I hope this Remake isn’t as far away as people fear. A weird kind of pessimism seems to have overtaken gaming recently – probably for good reason – and it might take a while to win people’s trust back, but I’m expecting good things from gaming in the near future. Last Guardian, Dark Souls 3, FFVII remake – what’s not to love?

      • fastkarate

        “The best combat system in an FF game is, funnily enough, FFX-2 in my opinion.”


        FFX-2’s combat is a stupid mess and requires you to learn almost 0% of its systems (like chaining) but it’s unquestionably my favorite and not just because of dress spheres (though they play a ~large~ part).

        • AkiraShima15

          Ha ha, nice. I thought you might appreciate that Dave, I remember you mentioning that was your favorite combat system. The dresspheres were definitely a huge factor for me as well. I guess it’s the same thing that makes dressing up your character in Dark Souls so satisfying.

          Also, if elected president, I promise to do nothing but play videogames and veto every bill Congress puts on my desk, until they agree to implement a national health care plan that actually covers everyone without exception. Also appropriate funds to encourage Capcom to finally put out another Resident Evil, and wash the taste of 6 out of everyone’s mouth. (I didn’t actually hate it, but come on guys, that’s not Resident Evil, that’s just an above average action game.)