Show #520: Star Platinum Finally Kills Yugioh

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This show also known as: It’s My Move, It’s My Move JoJo

qwkmiprkyfsz9jkllkdh¬†Even though it’s proven that torture doesn’t work, arguably I think it would be useful in case of D’Arby holding your friends hostage as literal poker chips.

Music Selection: You gotta believe [in the manga]

This show is about:

Two things I meant to mention and didn’t:

1) Hol Horse’s ridiculous, anachronistic VAPE PEN.


GTF out of here you GD trash person.

2) Hol Horse wants to eat poop that’s canon man.


  • Zanz

    I think the Vape pen is excuse for the animators not having to do that awful blackout censor anytime Hol Horse smokes.

    • They only censor Jojo smoking because he is underage. Hol Horse is of
      legal smoking age in Japan so it’s okay to show him smoking.

      • I don’t get the logic. They don’t want to promote underage smoking (I’m assuming that’s the reasoning) but Hol Horse is smoking up on the show. What are they protecting or preventing? I don’t think characters smoking is a big deal, no matter what the age of the character.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if they swapped a cig with a vape pen. Bastards.

  • Davedave

    Isn’t that just one of those cigarillos with the plastic tip?

  • Max

    *cracks knuckles* Alright, back on to the endless campaign!

    First off, losing Joseph Joestar is actually WAY more detrimental than losing Polnareff and a legitimate reason to no longer back out. All Ponareff does is fight other stands, and as you pointed out, Jotaro already does that better. Joseph is useless in a fight unless things conspire to make him useful, but he is a support character and completely required. It’s like saying “aw man we don’t need this fuckin’ healer they do like two damage a second!” Without Hermit Purple they cannot find Dio because it is only by Hermit Purple they get clues to his location, and Joseph gets all of their transport and supplies. He is also the only one with any local knowledge most off the time (although now that they’re in Cario Avdol can fill that role), and he is the world’s foremost expert on not only vampires but also Dio himself. No one else even knows that vampire eyebeams exist! WIthout Joeseph Joestar, they’re gonna show up and Dio is going to kill them all with vampire powers they didn’t know were a thing before he even needs to bust out Za Warudo.

    Second, Joseph’s hamon amnesia has once again completely bitten him in the ass because it is literally the perfect way to cheat in this. A power of the hamon which has been described and demonstrated multiple times is complete control over fluid dynamics. Walking on water, not spilling wine, holding water in an upside glass, causing water to float in the shape of a glass around your finger, anything. Joseph could do this shit when he was 19. If didn’t keep forgetting about ripple he could just hold the alcohol in place when he put his coin in and then let it collapse when D’Arby put a coin in.

    Also to be fair, Polnareff says “you always work with a partner” because Hol Horse told him that about 4 billion times during their fight and then every time they ran into him without a partner after that he ran away. And the thing with Dio and Hol Horse was that Hol Horse was freaking out, but as soon as he committed to killing Dio he became completely calm and Dio was like “that means you’re a murdering psychopath, I like that in a henchman!”

  • bobob101

    Well, if you recall how Polnareff burned down some random store in the first oingo boingo episode, you might notice that he wasn’t censored for smoking. I assume this means that its minors who aren’t allowed to smoke in anime nowadays.
    Also, I fear you are underplaying the part when JoJo breaks D’Arby’s finger. It is SO sudden! It was after that happened that the shitty urchin was called in to deal. Oh, and D’arby is probably a reference to this guy

    • Yes, that is absolutely the reason. Japan is weird with what they think is immoral.

  • I think it’ll be hard to find someone who has broken every bone at once and lived, but you might recall one man who put it all on the line

    You honestly don’t remember the name of the great 1980s “Wishing Well” singer Terrence Trent D’arby? I guess not all wikis are written alike. I believe that the older brother is named Terrence and the younger is called Trent. I still have no idea why D’arby has those markings on his face, but his brother also has those marks. I suspect it’s a cultural tradition, or at least a family tradition.War paint??

    I don’t know if you were paying attention Dave, because it looks like you were not completely focused on the BEST COMBI IN JOJO’s HISTORY. JoJo does indeed get shot.

    Boingo gets the shit bitten out of his butt, and..falls into a depression? I guess that’s the best you can do when fighting a kid. Don’t want to murder someone who hasn’t gone through puberty.

    I’m not one for spoilers, but Vanilla Ice is going to make as big an impression as he did on the hip-hop scene. Oh boy, it’s a rough battle. Damn, a 3-parter!