Show #519: The Skull Is A Bone

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This show also known as: Could You Stop Calling Us “Team Shit?”


Maybe it’s not your fault Polnareff, I really don’t know.

I guess I should probably note that there are huge ending spoilers for Stardust Crusaders/JJBA Part 3 towards the end of this episode (skip 51:00 to 52:30), so if you don’t wanna know who/what/if people die, then watch out!

Music Selection: But when we get together it just all works out.

This show is about:

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 1.04.10 PM

Can you please quit touching random stuff.

  • I KNEW I recognized that voice in Baby Mentalist from somewhere! It’s the dad from Fresh off the Boat! He’s great!

    • fastkarate

      Yuuuup. Dude’s good.

  • I know Bloody Roar will never be ranked at the top of fighting games, but at least Bloody Roar >>>>>>>>>> Terra Formars.

    Oh, and Joel, it’s J. Geils, not Lee Geils. You get paid podcast dollars for this, man!

  • Max

    The guy who sent the email was talking about old episodes when you were using that translation with all the period language like “skedaddle”. If you check the crunchyroll subs for parts 1 and 2 they use the official translation which is much less fixated on alliteration and weird vocabulary, although Joseph does call the ripple a “gimcrack” which is fantastic. Also I disagree with most of your JoJo’s opinions, as shown by my Quixotic quest to defend Joseph Joestar, but I agree that Alessi was a super creepy pair of episodes. Oh, and the thing with “all bones broken” is a mistranslation, apparently. “Yeah, it said broken bones in her whole body (全身骨折), not all bones broken. Sloppy translation.”

  • James Morrall

    Actually, people can, and have, broken every bone in their body without dying, or even being close to dying.

    • There are also really physically fucked-up people who qualify as “living”

      • James Morrall

        I mean, who recovered, obviously.

        • Heh. How much recovery can you do when a lot of your bones are broken? I imagine you do a lot of sitting or lying down.

          • James Morrall

            And once they knit, physio, and then you walk again and have recovered.