Revengecast S01E16 – Scandal


Listen Up!

Emily fights Victoria for the coveted “who gets to be with Danny when he gets arrested” page in the scrapbook and wins. Victoria is furious because everyone seems to be forgetting that she loves Danny the most and therefore owns him. Otherwise everyone puts up a nice United Front in the face of detectives with no regard for decorum asking questions and touching all of Victoria’s stuff. Tyler is alive thanks to the magic of flashbacks, but not for long because we get to see him get murdered again for the very first time. Takeda takes time out of his busy schedule of murdering Tyler and staging the body and maiming Danny and kidnapping Amanda and retrieving the Infinity Box and giving it back to Emily and fleeing the country to scold Emily for having boy trouble (or feelings, or both). And Danny? That poor, sweet boy. He just keeps asking what flavor jimmies they have “on the inside.”

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Topics for Consideration: 

Declan: Hoodie Detective
Danny Finds The Fauxfinity Box
Benjamin Brooks, Esq.
I Choose Money.
Nolan’s Yearly Fealty Review
Declan, whittle me a flet, sing to the wheat.
Nobody Calls Danny Grayson A Wee Baby Boy

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