Show #517: Mango Lassi Jug

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This show also known as: Kill Or Be Turned Into Boots


I guess we talk about The Order (uninformedly), Diablo 3, Monster Hunter, and the possible return of the Fast Karate Flip but, legit, who even cares in the face of all this charred flat bread.

(Watch A Company Man/the 80s John Carpenter Theorum of Social Commentary)

Music Selection: I guess, in this case, it’s Graz’s ringtone for her brother, since I finished recording this right before we started Jason Souls that night!

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  • Stephen

    Thanks for another great podcast, guys! Re The Order, I think it’s a series that might get substantially better with future outings, like the Witcher games. But right now it just looks a little characterless and bland, despite some great designs. Also I can’t overemphasize how much I’m looking forward to Bloodborne. A Souls – style game in a more modern setting is almost too good to be true. It might be the series ‘ best chance to have even wider appeal without compromising its core. Because let’s face it, the Souls games had a tendency to be, not just challenging, which is absolutely indispensable, but also just eccentric and unpleasant at certain points. The faster pace might be just what they need to overcome the most infuriating part of the game, which is when you make a mistake, and get to watch the consequences unfold in a glacially-paced, yet gut wrenching kick to the nuts. I eagerly await your opinions on it!

    • fastkarate

      I’m crazy for Bloodborne! Almost unreal that it’s barely a month away. I keep reminding myself not to remember it, to make the time go faster.

      • Stephen

        I know that feel!

  • Max

    Re: Zen master quitting at the end, I actually did that with Nisemonogatari. Partway through the second to last episode they had yet ANOTHER creepy incest groping joke and I was just like “I literally cannot stand this show anymore, I have already put it up with about ten things I would instantly drop and condemn an anime for, I am done” and just stopped watching it.

    • fastkarate

      These moments are the ones when you feel the most powerful.

    • I watched the most recent monogatari (my first) and I don’t know what to call it but “hipster bullshit” I apologize for not coming up with better words.

  • That page reminds me of Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun, where the editor was influencing the author to just have inappropriate, random mascot animals pop up.

  • Kamon

    RE: Exclusives, that’s pretty much the reason why I’ve never owned any Xbox products, because I don’t care about Halo or sports games, so there was never much reason for me to own one…everything I had any interest in playing was on PC.

    RE: D3, take this with a grain of salt since I’m one of the faithful, but I feel like they’ve really smoothed out the item and difficulty progression in the last few patches. Smart loot and the increase in legendary drop rates makes upgrading your gear much less frustrating than it used to, and the higher difficulties are challenging but reasonably so, even Torment 6 is fairly easy once you have your gear dialed in. And for the masochists they have Greater Rifts with a literally infinite difficulty curve. You can just keep going until you don’t feel like going any farther.