Revengecast S01E14 – Perception


Listen Up!

Victoria and Emily start out caressing their respective dedicated David-Clark-youtube-channel devices, those kids have so much in common it’s sad to see them fight. Emily finds Croyden’s burlap sack and decides to wear it in a nuanced fashion/political statement about the perils of globalization and exploitation of domestic workers, namely Croyden, who now has been deprived of her feed-sack that was also her bed. Speaking of Globalization we learn that Grayson global was originally just named Grayson, but then in an uncharacteristic stroke of business genius Conrad brought the Global. That Connie, his job exists. We learn more about Connie’s one feeling which approaches what humans might call an emotional attachment to his daughter, and also that he is not above destroying her emotionally to make a point in front of his dad and Victoria. Poor Charlie, poor poor poor poor Chuckie Chocolate Charlotte, no matter what happens she’ll be OK as long as she has Daddy Conrad. But the thing is he’s not her dad, and so I guess nothing is OK now. And so, Chocolate takes her sorrows to the Stow Away where she climbs into a bottle of tequila and sort of never comes back out.

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Topics for Consideration: 

More Masculine Brunch
Poppa Grayson, One Smooth Hep Cat, Daddyo
Who Does Victoria Hug and How: An Annotated List
Dire-Wolf: Pumpernickel
The Croyden-shaped barnacle on the SS Emily
Behold, Dark Jack!

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  • So does Graz have a single infinity box?

    OK, so let’s get this straight for the eventual wiki:
    In the land of Armalarm, Declan is obviously a dwarf who strives to be human, all the Graysons are elves, as is Emily. I guess Amanda and Jack are basic humans. So is Nolan The Hobbit? Ashley (I cannot spell Croidon) is obviously a troll. I mean, what other species could have such eyebrows?