Revengecast S01E13 – Comittment


Listen Up!

Stormy storms are storming the Grayson stronghold, and their hearts, which they do have. Connie has a feeling when he learns he’s not Chocolate’s dad, and must retreat to his secret WASP Emotion Chamber lest his business rivals seize upon this most indecorous weakness. Danny the poet has no regard for propriety however, as he proposes marriage despite the stormy rainstorm and sinister soundtrack. Victoria is of course all feelings all the time, at the eye of the feelingstorm, deathly quiet and yet raging, she wraps them up tighter than her butt in the bandage dresses she is definitely no longer wearing, I mean for like a few episodes at least, we’re not counting, yet. Emily learns a valuable lesson about responsibility, specifically responsibility for Jack nearly getting professionally punched to death. Much like Connie she opens herself up to a tiny storm of faint emotion for one passing moment and ALMOST lets Nolan hug her, briefly. Emily recovers when Danny says something stupid and she doubles down on revenge with a June wedding. She’s always wanted to see Victoria cry in coral. 

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Ye Olde Doc Porters
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Literally A Barmaid
I’ll Frank The Fuck Out of Them
Daniel Distraction Bagel / Emergency Alibi Bagel
Tapes Can Lick Too
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  • That whole zombie thing was the lowest point of Alias. Just put on a damn wig and kick people It’s not hard.

    I’d like to talk about tangent #7 of this podcast. Yes, people should be able to voice their displeasure with a comedian’s jokes, and they do. On stage, they can be booed, or they can bomb. On the internet, you can contact them in any number of ways. Where I find fault in all this is not the comedians, but the people who take it from “I hated that joke” to “Your words are horrific- regardless of context- and I want to wreck whatever job or gig you have going. Oh, and I want you to give an insincere apology written by your lawyers.”

    Artie Lange got, I think, got off pretty well. If he hadn’t hit rock bottom and got fired from the Stern show, people would’ve been calling for him to get fired. Why? Because he said some inappropriate things to a woman? That’s between him and that woman, and ESPN, if they decide to not have him on air anymore. More people gave a shit about that racist joke than actually care about Lange or the female ESPN anchor. That’s what bugs me the most, that some people treat words like bullets, and they want personalities to catch hell, but they don’t consume that personality’s work.


    BTW, isn’t it 23 skidoo? I always remember it being 23.