• Dummies similar to Polnareff, or only dummies would appreciate Polnareff? This is a puzzle.

  • Max

    1) Avdul was hiding to heal up so Dio didn’t have him killed while he couldn’t fight 2) Avdul’s dad was Avdul in disguise and they were just fucking with Polnareff because fuck that guy 3) Dio’s stand has every Joestar power, that’s his thing. Really early on he uses hermit purple’s power to see them on the plane with Tower Grey only he doesn’t break the camera because he’s not a moron. 4) if you think Cameo is dumb wait until you see Tohth.

    • It’s Avdol.

      Were they fucking with Polnareff, or is Polnareff so dumb that he didn’t realize what was going on?

      • Max

        They were fucking with him because they’re all jerks.

        • Polnareff’s a jerk, too. He’s just the dumbest jerk.

          • The Joel

            Polnareff totally would have spilled the beans. He is, indeed, the dumbest jerk.

  • Max

    Dave, crunchyroll has Mysterious Girlfriend X! You can read it AND watch the anime!

    • Dave is a known salivaphile.

      • fastkarate

        Why would you guys say these things.

  • Zanz

    There’s a Youtube channel called Anime Classic Review that uploads a buttload of old and odd anime ova’s from small studios. If you guys are itching for weird anime to review. I’m surprised that games like Megami Tensei and Salamander have ovas.