Revengecast S01E12 – INFAMY


Listen Up!

We forget who David Duke is, and for the moment before we googled him the world shone just a bit brighter. We go back to the well with the age old question of how elves reproduce, but move on to hypotheses on what makes a nice jewish man with a social conscience transform into a soul sucking WASP. Surprisingly, Victoria. The unified theory of Victoria. The theory that finally bridges the vexing disconnect between the physics of massive objects and subatomic particles. The answer eluding our most brilliant minds from Democritus to Hawking, yes folks, V-V-Victoria. In this weeks apoplectic laughing fit we dust off that super aged top shelf shade just for LOST. Dave reveals that the moment his heart crystalized into a hot ball of hate was when when Kate doesn’t say that she found the fake beards.

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Topics for Consideration: 

Sandals Jamaica
Tinymanda’s seething anger roiling just beneath the surface
The Reverse-Revenging of Tinymanda: Trials and Betrayals: A Story Eternally Retold, Told Again: Leo: A Sequel to “The Revenging in Reverse of Tinymanda: Ordeals and Incidents: An Old Story Told For the First Time: Dr. Banksy”
Revenge protocols
The Juvie Pudding Riots of 2004

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  • graziella

    Preemptively sorry about the 10 minutes hate, its loud and full of the hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness. LOOOOST (brong)