Revengecast S01E11 – Duress


Listen Up!

We are all invited to what will surely be remembered by Grayson hagiographers as “Danny’s Clam-Bake Birthday Fiasco” where we discover the true nature of friendship. Danny Danny Danny, Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny, Danny, Danny, you had a Best Bud, but then you had to go get a girlfreind and ruin everything. Former Best Bud Tyler is unraveling almost as wildly as he is sweating, and he starts by threatening Nolan’s pristine swan-like neck with a pocket knife, and then tapes him to a chair. He moves on to stealing Emily’s gun, and Emily politely refrains from slapping it out of his sweaty incompetent hands, even though in her head she is totally counting how many times she could have done so while everyone else at Danny’s Clam Bake Birthday Fiasco freaks out. Its becoming clear that Danny is going to have to find a new buddy. But who? The elegant and much taller Nolan? Certainly a trade up, but a potato needs a more pedestrian companion. Caveman Jack seems like the most sensible choice. Unlucky for Danny Jack already has a buddy, Amanda, who begins to suspect that there might be more going on than she realizes. Awww shes thinking! That adorable tiny impostor.

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Topics for Consideration: 

Nolan Ross: Tied Up And Stabbed: The Undiscovered Country
Emily’s Severe Lack of Empathy
Ty and Xander, The Barrol Boys
Fate/Stay: Ötzi
The Danny PeePants Conspiracy
Vin Diesel Pickpocket Capers
Mander’s Hard Time Thinky Stuff

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  • Just a little more. Getting ever so close to the even odder second season!

    • fastkarate

      *falcon screech*

    • graziella

      SO HYPE

  • I finally watched a couple episodes of Fate, because I wanted to see if I would be compelled to join the cult. Nope! It’s a easy theory: I think that visual novel players, after fapping, or whatever it is you do with a visual novel, are so moved that they cheer-lead anything involved with the VN. The Irregular at Magic High school got the same outpuring of love that Fate had, and I don’t think that Irregular is worth a damn, either!

    I did watch one ep of Fate/Zero, and I would actually be into that. It just looks better, seems to be directed better, and there wasn’t really any high school BS.

  • Max

    Joke’s on you, I listen to these and I’m not one of the seven people you like! I couldn’t finish the first ten minutes of the current Fate without getting bored and doing something else, but from my previous knowledge of the series I think Saber is King Arthur. Or Excalibur. Or both. Or maybe she wields Excalibur.

    • graziella

      WOW yay!