Show #514: Don’t We Need To Create A Backstory For This Baby?

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This show also known as:  No Man, I’m Afraid of Killer Vampire Babies

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I’d prefer not to say anything because I can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t involve these two episodes are about an evil baby.

Terror Double Down ||| The Fried Chicken of Fear
This Is Our Moonshot
What Happened To Talismans?
Ponyo 2

Music Selection: The Anthem

This show is about:

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Culmination Of Our Hopes, Our Desires, And All Of Our Sorrow

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Dreams Really Do Come True.

  • Max

    The mad hate on Joseph continues. He was flying that cessna just fine until the stand got involved, Joel. You try flying a plane while being kicked in the face. Also he’s not just using Speedwagon money, he’s using money from the Joestar Real Estate Foundation. Which he probably started with sweet Speedwagon oil dollars, but it’s not like he’s been doing nothing for the last 40 years waiting for another vampire to show up.

    • Joseph is a self-admitted serial crasher.

      • Max

        Well, the two in Battle Tendency were admittedly his fault, but not the two in Stardust Crusaders.

  • Jonathan

    The Misadventures of Dave Riley, Manga Connoisseur is probably my favorite recent addition to the podcast.

  • fastkarate

    My only goal is to please.

    Re: Joseph, I think of myself as a moderate. Some call it fence-sitting, but I consider my role to be ecumenical, bringing all JoJo sides to the table in hope of compromise.

  • Zanz

    You should watch Rose of Versailles on Crunchyroll, it’s a cultural icon and it’s surprisingly dark and dramatic for a late 70’s shojo anime. It still holds up pretty well.

    • fastkarate

      Didn’t know that was on Crunchyroll, but of course I’ve heard people talk about it since forever. Dunno if we’ll do it for the podcast, but I’m definitely gonna see if Graz wants to get into it.

  • Zanz

    I also want to say that a lot of us have been listening to you guys for almost a decade, so it’s no surprised that some of us like a crazy asshole like Joseph Joestar. :)

  • Why read the Mirai Nikki Manga when you could watch the anime?
    Aren’t all survival game anime/manga terrible? It’s junk food from the start, like most horror films.

    • fastkarate

      But like horror films, there are good terribles and terrible terribles.