Revengecast S01E09 – SUSPICION


Listen Up!

We make it more than 10 minutes without a Lord of the Rings reference, and manage to keep overall LotR jokes to an all time low. Victoria condescends to enter the Stow Away and surprises Declan who is not wearing pants. Nolan tries to wrangle the Tylers while we staunchly attempt to separate the jokes about Tyler being toddlers, from Tyler the creepy sexpot. We also try to standardize our Amanda/Emily-Armalarm vs Emily/Amanda-FauxManda lexicon with little success.

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Topics for Consideration:
Declan Son of No One
Fetid Aura of the Common Man – Stow Away alternate title
The Chronicles of Warden Pounder: the Untold Story: Death’s Sweetest Kiss: Justice

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  • Jessica D.

    On the recommendation from another podcast I put Revenge on my to watch
    list. After I saw this on the feed I had to listen.

    Unlike 24, which I loved listening to but will never watch at least for a long while, after 4 or 5 episodes of these podcasts I was watching the show and by this episode I wasn’t waiting for the next one to post. I needed my Revenge fix right away.

    Can’t wait for the next revengecast, the next couple of episodes are my favorites. Let it be known I’ve only watched one more episode, so my opinion can change quickly.

    • graziella

      Yay!! Our mission is to bring the wonder of Revenge to all, so one down, 699,999,999,999 to go!!

  • In a show with two Amandas and a boat named Amanda, there is no mention that CCH Punder played the greatest Amanda ever- Amanda “The Wall” Waller?

    Also, Graz, check these dope lyrics:

    Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power?
    Wonderboy, won’t you take me far away from the mucky-muck man?