Revengecast S01E08 – TREACHERY


Listen Up!

We get very excited for the introduction of Faux-Manda/Stupid-Manda/the REAL Emily Thorne. She crashes onto the scene eager for thanks after recently murdering Frank. Armalarm is instead angry, her careful revenge plan threatened by this impetuous juvie girl with a personality too big for Nolan’s pool. Lydia’s TV grade amnesia is somewhat relieved by Conrad and Victoria’s shouting match over which one of them sent Frank to throw her off her Manhattan loft. We discover that Declan’s sexual frustration is what gave him the psychic powers to murder his dad, and something surprising about that young scamp Freddie Prinze Junior.

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Topics for Consideration:
Terminator Vision, but for Dresses
Cyborg Voice of the Mountain
The Chronicles of Warden Pounder: Revenge: the Untold Story
Property Brothers

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  • Here’s how you remember what a herald is:

    1. Hark, the herald angels sing
    2. Silver Surfer, herald of Galactus.